Bahiana participates in the Professional Journey at Colégio Sartre

The program included lectures by professors from Biomedicine and Dentistry courses.


Choosing a profession is a very delicate moment, which requires a lot of attention and research. Aiming to help young people and adolescents in this process, the Bahiana participated, last Saturday (20/05), in the "What is your - Professional Journey" at Colégio Sartre. Throughout the day, the institution was represented with a stand with information materials to welcome and answer questions from 3rd year high school students.

In the morning shift, the professor of the Biomedicine course, Viviane de Matos Ferreira, held a lecture in which she presented a history of the profession, its areas of expertise and the differentials of the course in Bahiana. Remotely, the teacher and researcher, Jaqueline Góes, entered the meeting live and presented the structure of one of the laboratories on Campus Cabula, where a class was taking place with undergraduate students.

"This moment of answering students' questions is very important, because normally they don't know how this academic process works at the university. So, when you have a professor of higher education who can guide you, that final moment of decision is much easier : what will become of my post-school life?", punctuated Prof.ª Viviane. The indecision of Gabriella Pracidele, a 3rd year high school student at Colégio Sartre, was eased by the experience of the journey. "I have a big doubt, because I really like the health area and I also like music, so there are two points. But I realized that I can take care of people through music". In the afternoon shift, the Dentistry course was presented by Professor Marcos Rios.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública