Bahiana is highlighted in the DE&I+ Ranking Report

Certification is conferred by Great Place to Work.


The philosophy of diversity that drives the Bahiana in training its staff, it was recognized and recorded in the Ranking DE&I+ (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) 2022 Report, established by Great Place to Work, a Brazilian organization that supports companies in building better work environments. In this way, the institution reached 22nd place in the Women's Ranking, 8th place in the 50+ Ranking and 20th place in the LGBTQIA+ Ranking. The announcement was made at a ceremony held in São Paulo on March 23, in which the Bahiana was represented by the Personnel Development Selection manager, Allana Machado.

A Bahiana competed with around 1.500 companies participating in the GPTW Diversity. In the Woman ranking, 491 registered companies competed and 75 were awarded, 36 of which were large. In the LGBTQIA+ ranking, there were 215 companies registered and 20 awarded. In the 50+ ranking, there were 147 companies registered and 15 awarded. Telma Bastos, manager of People and Learning Management at Bahiana (GEPAP), pointed out that the Bahiana 30% of its workforce is made up of people over 50 years of age, which is why it created the SENIORS Program – Developing the Mindset of Longeractivity. “This program encourages people to think about and design careers, regardless of their age. We all have the skills, competencies and motivation to manage our careers throughout our lives.”

“A Bahiana it is a diverse and 'unique' place! We treat differences fairly and thus promote a safe, respectful environment with a sense of belonging. This is inclusion! From the selection process, we value the person in essence and not their appearance, age or gender. We customize processes, we adopt a particular look for each need, we define strategies that allow equal opportunities. That's the culture Bahiana!” explains Allana Machado.

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