XII Research Forum discusses the importance of scientific training for success in a professional career

Edition marked launch of new awards


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A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública held, on October 21, the XII Forum of Researchers, integrating the XXII Scientific and Cultural Exhibition. The central activity was the roundtable “The importance of scientific training for success in a professional career”, which brought together as speakers Prof. Dr. Jaqueline Goes (Bahiana), Prof. Dr. Amancio Jose de Souza (Bahiana), The Doctor. Luís Meireles (MDI MEDICAL) and Prof. Dr. Genisson Silva Coutinho (ALGETEC).

Every year, the forum contemplates outstanding researchers from the institution with the Professor Humberto Castro Lima and Research Group of the Year awards. In this edition, the researchers Iza Cristina Sales de Castro were awarded as Researcher of the Year Professor Humberto Castro Lima; the Urinal Disorders Research Group as a Consolidated Research Group 2022 and the New Research Group category included the Experimental Research Group in Human Health and the Metabolic Diseases, Physical Exercise and Health Technologies Research Group - METS.

This year, the Forum's novelty was the launch of the 1st Prize for Best Thesis 2022 Prof. Dr. Carlos Alfredo Marcílio de Souza and the 1st Prize for Best Dissertations 2022 Prof. Dr. Bernardo Galvao. Also within the MCC program, the XX Scientific Initiation Journey (PIBIC) was held with oral presentations by scholarship students and undergraduate academics, via the Zoom platform.

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