Bahiana participates in the XNUMXth Terreiro Casa Branca Health Fair

The event marks the beginning of a partnership to promote the health and self-care of people from terreiros.


With the theme “Education, Respect and Solidarity”, the 24th edition of the Terreiro Casa Branca Health Fair was held on September 20th, which, for the first time, had the participation of the Bahiana in health promotion and disease prevention actions aimed at the local population. Actions were developed by the Academic Leagues of Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy, Gerontology, Sexuality and Gender, in addition to the Center for Integrative and Complementary Practices of Bahiana (CEPICS).

For the former student and professor of the Physiotherapy course at Bahiana, João Cardial, the presence of Bahiana at the fair is justified by the need to understand the importance of different perspectives on health, "because only biomedical health is not taking care of the current global situation, for example, we have here today the Academic League of Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy, which had the possibility of to dialogue with the audience of the terreiro, primarily female, black and who never had the opportunity, due to racism and machismo, to allow themselves to take care of themselves, to manage themselves as beauty".

The Dean of Extension of the Bahiana, Prof. Carolina Pedroza, explains that participation in the fair is the beginning of a partnership that aims to develop work involved in the health issues of terreiro people. "This partnership is also born so that our students can experience care practices associated with original knowledge. It is an initiative sought by Terreiro Casa Branca so that longer actions are taken, both from the point of view of our students learning this knowledge and also so that the people of terreiros can go to our services to be taken care of", he concludes.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública