Bahiana advances and once again ranks among the best companies to work for in the country

GPTW Brasil 2021 Awards took place on the night of October 18th.


"In such a turbulent context that we live, working in an organization that continually develops the culture of service, of being attentive to people's needs, of taking care of and caring for the other is the motivation that connects us with purposes and roots bonds" . With this declaration, the manager of the Strategic Management of People and Organizational Learning (GEPAP) of the Bahiana, Telma Bastos, celebrated another advance of the Bahiana in the National Ranking of the Great Place to Work Brazil Institute (GPTW), whose virtual awards ceremony took place on the night of October 18th, in a virtual way.

The institution conquered the ª 28 position in a universe of 150 companies. The 25th edition of GPTW Brasil – Year 2021 had more than 4 companies registered, with a total of approximately 1,8 million employees involved. According to the evaluation, in the item "Satisfaction in relation to companies", the Bahiana obtained 92% approval against 90% of the average among the 150 finalists.

Over the years, the Bahiana has been advancing in the ranking. According to Telma Bastos, this trajectory is due to the fact that the Bahiana to be a higher education institution dedicated to health. “Caring for employees and customers is our reason to exist”. 

Year Ranking Bahia National Ranking
2021 1st place 28th place
2020 1st place 29th place
2019 1st place 31th place
2018 3rd place 47th place
2017 2rd place 70th place
2016 5rd place 72th place
2015 4th place

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