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IV Psychology Conference of Bahiana discuss training in pandemic times

Programming included a conference and panel with the participation of professors and graduates from Bahiana.


"Narratives of training in Psychology: challenges and perspectives" was the theme of the conference given by the psychologist, PhD in Education and professor at Bahiana Liliane Teles, at the IV Jornada de Psicologia, which took place on August 27, the date on which Psychologist's Day is also celebrated in Brazil. The event, mediated and coordinated by prof. Sylvia Barreto, coordinator of the Psychology course at Bahiana, was carried out virtually and broadcast through the Institution's channel, on the YouTube.

In her speech, Prof. Liliane highlighted the context of the pandemic, with regard to emergency remote education, a model adopted by Bahiana as a possibility of training, within the perspective of social distancing – a measure to prevent contagion and dissemination of the new coronavirus. "It is necessary to make clear what distance learning is, which even includes moments of synchronous work, but which is guided by asynchronous teaching. We (Bahiana) adopted remote learning, prioritizing synchronous works, that is, this is also presence, my body is here, I am present and I am affected by the provocations that are so important for the teaching-learning process", highlighted the speaker. 

The second moment of the Journey was marked by the panel "From experiment to experience", mediated by the psychologist from the Psychology Clinic of Bahiana Saúde, Rosenir Alcântara, and participation of graduates Ana Clara de Aguiar D'Almeida, Gabriella Barreto Oliveira Hollanda Farias and Taísa Gabrielle Cerqueira. The meeting allowed the exchange of experiences, both in training and in the professional trajectory, being permeated with interventions from the audience, via online chat.


Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública
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