XVII Pedagogical Forum ends with round table on virtue today

The meeting was attended by guests Dr. João Salles, Lia Diskin, Márcia Kambeba and the dean of Bahiana, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani.


The second day of programming of the XVII Pedagogical Forum opened with the words of the institution's dean, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, who lamented, once again, the political and social situation in Brazil and its nearly 600 deaths due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. "We are experiencing very complex problems and, to solve them, we need the effort of a diversity of people who are now all over the planet." The program was broadcast live on the official channel of the Bahiana on Youtube.

The main activity of the program was the round table: "Does talking about virtues still make sense today?" which was mediated by Dr. Maria Luisa and with the participation of the dean of UFBA and head professor of the Department of Philosophy (UFBA), Dr. João Carlos Salles, of the journalist with specialization in Literary Criticism, by Instituto Superior de Periodismo José Hernandez, Lia Diskin, direct from Buenos Aires, and the geographer with a master's degree from the Federal University of Amazonas, the writer, poet and composer Prof. Márcia Kambeba.

For the dean of UFBA, discussing virtue is worthwhile, and it is built in community. "The University is this privileged place, in which we learn virtues. They do not sprout as if they were an individual baggage that each one already has and is independent of the other. These virtues are only realized in this common element, through which we weave not only knowledge, but also culture, art and solidarity", he highlighted. 

The round table was undone, which was mediated by the dean of Bahiana, it was the turn of the traditional Borboleguim de Ouro award, dedicated to professors who stood out in the pedagogical process within the institution, this year consecrating Maria de Lourdes Freitas Gomes, Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Education Lato Sensu. The program ended with a concert by the band Bailinho de Quinta.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública