Pedagogues think about psychopedagogy and their areas of expertise

The meeting was attended by guest psychologist Laura Barbosa.


The coordinator of People Development and educator, Luiza Ribeiro, and the guest psychopedagogist Laura Monte Serrat Barbosa discussed about the ways of learning as a possibility for everyone, in all situations, in a meeting promoted by the Specialization course in Psychopedagogy at Bahiana. The event was broadcast live on the institution's YouTube channel (, on June 2nd.

On the occasion, the vice-coordinator of the Specialization course in Psychopedagogy of the Bahiana, Jozélia Testagossa, reflected on Psychopedagogy and its areas of expertise, highlighting the role of the psychoeducator in the academic and social formation of students.

“Bahiana it is a learning community, therefore, caring for the Planet, the family and people are part not only of the values ​​but also of the lessons learned by the institution over its 69 years of existence”, pointed out Luiza Ribeiro.

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