Teachers, coordinators and students participate in the inaugural class of stricto sensu courses at Bahiana

The reception of new students was carried out through the virtual Zoom platform.


Enthusiasm and a lot of receptivity marked the 2021.1 inaugural class of graduate programs da Bahiana. The opening ceremony and the welcome to the freshmen took place on the morning of March 5, through the virtual Zoom platform. After the opening, there was a meeting with presentations by the coordinators and professors of each course. Students received two access links, the first referring to the opening ceremony and the second to the reception with the program coordinators, according to the chosen course.

opening ceremony
Professor Mônica Torres welcomed and thanked everyone for coming, including the freshmen and teachers. Then, an artistic presentation by the students of the Professional Master's Degree in Dentistry was shown.

Professors Atson Fernandes, Bernardo Galvão, Handerson Leite, Mônica Torres, Ana Marice Ladeia, Luiza Ribeiro, Mônica Daltro, Silvia Passos, Kátia Sá, Alena Medrado, Maria de Lourdes Freitas, Marco Antônio Matos and Antônio Carlos Costa mediated the occasion, presenting content and reflections during the event. the choir sings Bahiana closed the opening ceremony with a musical exhibition.

opening class
The inaugural class, hosted by course coordinators and teachers, took place from 11:12 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm. The new students were able to get to know, in a more specific and practical way, the course schedule and the didactics that will be used throughout the classes, always based on collective constructions, with the aim of integrating the contents and prioritizing group work.