Reflections on the national and global scenario of the pandemic marked the Novos da Bahiana of 2021.1

The meeting included a lecture by the professor from Bahiana Dr. Ceuci Nunes


With the usual irreverence and welcome, the Bahiana performed another edition of New from Bahiana on March 8st, from 9:15 am to XNUMX:XNUMX am, with live broadcast on the institution's YouTube channel ( The meeting, coordinated by the Psychopedagogical Care Center (NAPP), discussed the "Commitment to Public Health: ethics and training" and it was part of the freshman week, which presents these new students, for a week, with activities related to the chosen course. Professor Angélica Mendes, coordinator of the NAPP, mediated the event, which also featured musical performances by Coral Canta Bahiana and the lecture by the teacher from Bahiana Dr. Ceuci Nunes, who is an infectious disease specialist and director of the Couto Maia Hospital.

Professor Luiza Ribeiro, People Development manager at Bahiana, welcomed the freshmen of the graduation courses of the Bahiana, while Professor Luciana Oliveira, coordinator of the Common Core, represented the course coordinators and the dean Dr. Maria Luísa Soliani. In her explanation, Luciana Oliveira pointed out the importance of interdisciplinary and team work for a more humanized care.

Professor Ceuci Nunes' lecture covered the relationship that the pandemic has with the degradation of the environment. In addition, among the concepts elucidated, the professor highlighted that the health crisis in Brazil and, in particular, in Bahia, was aggravated by social inequality. After the opening, students were introduced to their respective courses, in virtual meetings, following the schedule for each course.