Bahiana announces winners of the 1st Prize Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani

Programming was marked with the delivery of awards to the authors of the works of the XVIII Scientific Initiation Journey.


On December 04, 2020, the Dean of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies Stricto Sensu held the award for the best works presented at the XVIII Scientific Initiation Journey, which took place on November 20th. In this edition, the ceremony named as “Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani Award”, was attended by 168 participants.

The disclosure of the result was carried out in a virtual ceremony, in which the following were present: the dean of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Solinai, the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Education, Prof. Maria de Lourdes de Freitas Gomes and Extension, Prof. Carolina Pedroza, the Dean of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies -Stricto Sensu Graduation and Coordinator of Scientific Initiation at BAHIANA, prof. Atson Fernandes, the president of the Scientific Initiation Committee, prof. Maria Thaís Calasans, the members of the Scientific Initiation Committee of the BAHIANA, prof. Ana Marice Ladeia, coordinator of the master's and doctoral course in Medicine and Human Health, prof. Bernardo Galvão, member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Sciences of Bahia and prof. Luiz Eduardo Fonteles Ritt, manager of Training, Teaching and Research at Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar, as well as advisors at PIBIC and coordinators of undergraduate courses.

The laureates with the award in the category "Best Research Project" were: in 3rd place, Camila Veronica Souza Freire (GDP/BAHIANA), student of the Medicine course, supervised by prof. Luís Claudio Lemos Correia and prof. Bruno Goes; in 2nd place, Rafael Andrade de Carvalho (PIBIC/CNPq), a medical student, supervised by prof. Bruno de Bezerril and, in 1st place, Emylle Keyse by Pinho Araújo Annunciation (PIBIC/CNPq), medical student, supervised by Prof. Patrícia Lordelo.

And, in the category "Best Scientific Work", the laureates with the award were: in 3rd place, Maria Paula Marques Fernandes (GDP/BAHIANA), student of the Medicine course, supervised by prof. Clarcson Plácido, in 2nd place, Thomaz Emanoel Azevedo Silva (PIBIC/CNPq), a medical student, supervised by prof. Luís Cláudio Correia and, in 1st place, Leonardo Argolo de Saldanha (IC Volunteer), Psychology student, supervised by prof. Gustavo Marcelino Siquara.

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