"Physiotherapy 4.0" addresses the new possibilities for physiotherapists to act in the post-pandemic

The digital event marked the month of celebrations for the Day of the Physiotherapist.


With the pandemic, many professionals from different areas had to reinvent themselves in the midst of new ways of working driven by technology. Physiotherapy, as one of the areas that was most impacted in this context, also needed adaptations. But, after all, how to transform the physical therapist's action, which is essentially based on touch and physical contact? This was what the digital event “Physiotherapy 4.0” sought to answer on October 21, from 19pm to 22pm. The action transmitted in the YouTube channel of Bahiana featured lectures by physiotherapists trained by Bahiana and marked the month of celebrations for Physical Therapist Day, celebrated on October 13th.

The coordinator of the Physiotherapy course at Bahiana, Luciana Bilitário, mediated the initiative that received physiotherapists and former students Renata Mota, Lucas Pedrosa and João Rocha. Luciana Bilitário also pointed out that the key in this scenario is to develop and manage skills and abilities, since there are possibilities for professional performance, especially with the help of technology, which the physiotherapist still needs to explore. “Thinking about these new paths, we brought together the three former students to talk about their experiences in relation to teleservice, assistive technologies and adaptations to patient care during and after the pandemic”.

Luciana Bilitário highlighted the importance of making services more flexible, allowing physiotherapy to reach the largest number of individuals and improve the quality of life of these people. Regarding holding the event remotely, the teacher explains that there are pros and cons: “although physical contact cannot occur, we were able to invite people from other cities and states”. At the end of the event, guests answered questions from the audience that were sent through the online chat.

“The event was wonderful! Very well organized. The construction of the professionals' speeches and how they complemented each other was the most interesting”, revealed João Rocha, who considered the topic a challenge for the professionals. “Events like this strengthen our social commitment to offer the best for patients. We are certainly going through this call center challenge with our heads held high! Physiotherapy will no longer be the same and we will be here to build a more grounded and solid training”, he concludes.

Lucas Pedrosa, on the other hand, understands that "physiotherapists need to be more resilient, adapt to the new reality and understand that, today, more than ever, if they are to be one more, equal to what already exists, evolution as a professional will not occur ”. As for his participation, the physiotherapist says he liked it very much: “it is always an honor to share knowledge in the place where I graduated, whether through a class or an event like this”.

Renata Mota declared: “I felt welcomed”. The professional, who is also a professor at UFRB, felt happy to expose a little of her performance and awaken a reflection on the possibility of physiotherapists working in the field of assistive technology. “Awakening interest, not only in the field of professional practice, but also as an academic activity in relation to the curriculum or a pedagogical course project was really the objective”.

Click on the video above to watch the event recording.