VI Professional Development Forum focuses on "Reinventing your Career"

Online event brought as guests Professor Caroline Feitosa and the Director of Human Resources and Information Technology at Kordsa, Luiz França.


Inspirational and formative. So was the VI Professional Development Forum held on September 15, online, via YouTube, and which this year brought the theme "Reinventing your career". The annual event promoted by Bahiana, through the Strategic Management of People and Learning (GEPAP), aims to sensitize employees about the social function of their profession and the development of their career in the institution. This year, the guest speakers were the psychologist, illustrator, doctor in epidemiology, professor at Bahiana and coordinator of the Integrated Program in Scientific Education and Epidemiology, Caroline Feitosa and the director of Human Resources and Information Technology at Kordsa, Luiz França.

The program opened with a presentation by the GEPAP manager, Telma Bastos, alongside the manager of People Development Selection, Allana Machado. Development actions for the year 2019 were then shown, such as the Libra training, the Secretariats seminar, the Libraries seminar, the Apprentices programs of Bahiana, Leader Development, the program aimed at People with Disabilities (PCD) and the Interns initiative Bahiana. Data supporting professional development and training were also presented, such as the education subsidy, which served 55 employees in the strategic, operational, teaching and tactical areas. In addition, the number of career projections within the institution was also highlighted.

“We are very happy when we see these little seeds bearing beautiful fruit. Our goal is for people to do what they like. Doing it with love, they will do much better”, declared Allana.


Mediated by the People Development coordinator, Prof. Luiza Ribeiro, the chat with the guest speakers allowed for a rich exchange of experiences. The first to share his professional experience with the participants was Luiz France. "Resilience is the point of life's journey and it is what makes us so much stronger", highlighted the speaker when narrating the beginning of his life in Utinga, in the interior of Bahia, from where he left with his family to São Paulo, in search of of better living conditions.

On career development, he presented the concept of essential competence, which is composed of five points: "Passion: people need to find the way to fall in love with what they do; Admiration: you have to do things you admire yourself; Courage: act with the heart; Talent: comprehensiveness and depth; goodness must be integrated into the world. Complementarity: teamwork must be valued, but one must see and value what is good in the other".

The teacher Caroline Feitosa brought a poetic presentation, highlighting the career as a path under construction. She also shared with the public her experience of reinventing herself in her professional career after giving up a position as a public university professor to return to the university. Bahiana, where he has already worked in several sectors. "Throughout these eight years of institution, I am more enchanted every day because it is an institution that actually has this look at what is good in the individual and has this look to develop the individual in his/her potential."