"Change as the essence of life" was the theme of Novos da Bahiana 2020.2

Event proposed a reflection on the new horizons and possibilities facing the pandemic.


Awakening participants to the reality facing the pandemic, envisioning new horizons and possibilities for change was the objective of the reflection proposed by Novos da Bahiana of 2020.2. With the theme "Change - essence of life", the event, which is an initiative of the Psychopedagogical Care Center of Bahiana (NAPP), took place with the support of digital education, on August 28, from 8:11 am to 40:XNUMX am, through the Virtual Learning Environment (AVA). Professor Luiza Ribeiro, coordinator of People Development, welcomed the freshmen on a playful and welcoming morning.  

"The reception to the New from Bahiana of 2020.2 it was a very important occasion for us. We received and welcomed our new students in a moment of joy and conquest and, at the same time, in the midst of the sadness and challenge that we are going through with 120 thousand lives lost!”, highlights the manager of NAPP, Angélica Mendes. She explains that, although the beginning of a new semester with new students was carried out in a completely tele-presential process, the practice of continuous reception, care and support that Bahiana offers to students has been successfully maintained.

Angélica Mendes also emphasizes that the pandemic brought challenges to make it possible to move towards the new: “There is a bigger, more demanding job, from a technological point of view, and more human, because it demands an openness to the new, to deal with the non. know, for a more intense interdependent relationship. So the event, as well as everything we have undertaken so far, allowed us to be certain: it is possible to make bonds despite the physical distance, sustain bonds, learn and teach, communicate with transparency. These are the values ​​of the Bahiana that we have lived and experienced more intensely”.

“This group is historic. And, as we are already familiar with the digital world, we will be able to enjoy a quieter semester, because, unlike the first semester, we have now learned to join the strength of teachers, course coordinators, the rectory, in the current context, in the current context. Dr. Maria Luisa Soliani, and from all sectors of the institution. Therefore, we are achieving success”, reveals Luiza Ribeiro. The People Development manager points out that quality work adapted to the virtual world is the path of the future. “For this reason, we are preparing our students for this reality. We made many adaptations such as the adoption of teleservices, for example, so freshmen will experience all these external transformations already immersed in this scenario”, concludes Luiza Ribeiro.

Angélica Mendes mediated the meeting, which also featured messages from students Vanessa Ramos (Medicine), Felipe Ferreira (Medicine), Gabriel Gramacho (Biomedicine), Rafael Lélis (Medicine) and Pâmella Andrade (Dentistry), as well as musical presentations. Professor Maria de Lourdes Freitas Gomes, Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Education Lato Sensu da Bahiana, explained the digital paths offered by the institution, presenting the AVA System and virtual access to departments such as the Library. Course coordinators were also present and welcomed the newcomers. They were: professors Geraldo Argolo (Biomedicine), Clarcson Plácido (Physical Education), Simone Passos (Nursing), Urbino Tunes (Dentistry), Ana Verônica Mascarenhas (Medicine) and Sylvia Barreto (Psychology).

Student Rafael Lélis, who participated in a chat with the veterans, considered the context experienced in the pandemic: “We are living in a moment of uncertainty. Participating in this event as a student who has already experienced a digital education process is important to show future students that they are also capable. Sharing experiences helps to reassure freshmen, facilitating the adaptation process.” The choir “Sings Bahiana” was the attraction that ended the reception for freshmen.

From all the experiences provided by this edition of Novos da Bahiana and for digital education as a whole, for manager Angélica Mendes, one of the main lessons that remains is that “alone, in the comfort of our knowledge and practices and at the limit of our daily actions, we would not be able to do what we are doing. We need each other. The new makes us grow, and change is the essence of life. May we know how to deal with these experiences so that we come out stronger and more aware of the value of the COLLECTIVE".