Community Bahiana says goodbye to George Miranda

Death notice.


It is with great regret that, on February 4, 2021, the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública says goodbye to George Miranda, member of the Communication and Marketing Nucleus (NUCOM).

With a wide smile on his face and the owner of a hug that is always offered in a special way even on an ordinary day in a work routine, this beatlemaniac and fan of the Portuguese language left his mark through ideas and words that culminated in slogans , communiqués and other texts that represented the humanistic and solidary ideals of the Bahiana.

A generous, happy, funny, shrewd and, at the same time, naive soul. That's how George was in socializing with his colleagues (and why not say friends?). He was also an idealistic human being, with great character and a sense of justice who, even though he was one of the youngest in the class, already brought a great deal of accumulated baggage from an intense experience as a wanderer in the world.

As his brother Guilherme said in his post on social media: “... I tried to remind him of the most of you, although it is impossible, because George touched the lives of many people, but he certainly kept you all in his immense heart. you know he always had.”

See you soon, friend George.