Research in Physiotherapy Journals (RPF), published by Bahiana, is indexed in Scopus

The journal integrates the list of productions of the Bahiana Journals and has excellent scientific qualifications.


A Research in Physiotherapy Journals (RPF), published by Bahiana, gained even more international prominence with indexing in the Scopus, one of the three largest databases of abstracts and citations of scientific literature in the health sciences in the world. The RPF integrates the list of scientific productions of the Portal Bahiana Journals and, like the other publications, it has excellent scientific qualifications. The editors of the magazine and professors of the Physical Therapy course at the institution Kátia Sá and Cristiane Dias understand that increasing the visibility of the Bahiana as a participant in the dissemination of scientific knowledge around the world, it is essential for the recognition of the scientific potential of the Northeast region.

Professor Kátia Sá explains that the Scopus database gathers content from major scientific journals, books, conferences and patents qualified for contemporary science. It is a foundation of intelligent bibliometric tools, which allows you to track, analyze and visualize publications from around the world. Thus, with more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific journals and 69 million items in the health area, Scopus has XNUMX journals, including titles from the world's largest scientific publishers, such as Elsevier, Springer, BMJ, Sage, Taylor & Francis , among others. Kátia Sá also points out that the base is used by the main world rankings for the evaluation, regulation and distribution of international financial resources for research and publication: “Its powerful algorithms allow finding and delineating the profiles of authors and institutional affiliation with precision, as well as citations from articles and journals”.

The fact that the RPF was accepted to integrate this database means that, when evaluated, the journal met the international standard of information and scientific integrity and could be included in the Scopus collection. In this regard, professor Kátia Sá points out that “the main care Scopus takes with the inclusion of journals involves ensuring ethical conduct in research, careful evaluation of published content and recognition, by peers, of the quality of information”.

“The indexing of the Revista Pesquisa em Physiotherapy in Scopus is a reflection of a work developed in a team supported by Bahiana – an institution whose proposal is to strengthen open science policies, committed to the principles of ethics and scientific integrity”, describes professor Cristiane Dias. This indexing by Scopus provides research carried out in Brazil, and, in particular, a global reach. For Cristiane Dias, being editor of the journal has great significance, since, thanks to her work, it is possible to contribute to the national and international visibility of the RPF, with scientific reliability and transparency: “The achievement is ours! With that, not only the Bahiana, but physiotherapy in general and the country itself can only gain from the development and recognition of science".

When it comes to the area of ​​physiotherapy, it is worth mentioning that the Bahiana has open registration for the selective process of graduation in Physiotherapy. Entries can be made on the website In addition to the RPF, other productions from Portal Bahiana Journals are recognized by important scientific entities and indexing bodies. Backed by quality, transparency and integrity, these journals can be accessed free of charge by different audiences through open access platforms.

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