Students from Bahiana participate in the European Academy of Neurology (EAN)

Medical students will present virtual posters during the event.


Bahiana will be represented by medical students in the VI Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (European Academy of Neurology – EAN), which takes place from May 23rd to 26th and will be open to the public, via the internet. The works were accepted as virtual posters, and each student was able to attach an English narration associated with the work so that the audience could better understand the study. Registration to attend the sessions of the congress, which is aimed at neurologists, neuroscientists and other professionals and students in the health area, can be done through the website: The posters can be freely accessed by the registered public during the days of the event.

According to the interim president of EAN, Cláudio L. Bassetti, "difficult times demand creative and courageous solutions, which can also open new paths for a better future." Therefore, taking into account the coronavirus pandemic scenario, the EAN board chose to hold the congress virtually, ensuring everyone's safety. Thus, the activities of the 2020 edition, which were set to be held in Paris (France), will be online and free of charge.

The academics of Bahiana who will present the works as main authors are: Camila Verônica Souza Freire, with the poster “Scientific integrity of adaptive randomized clinical trials in neurology: a call for critical scientific consumption”; Moisés Santana Oliveira, with the work “Stem cells derived neural tissue with SCN2A mutation, comparative analysis of migration and growth” and Letícia Escorse Requião, who will present the study “Is thrombolytic treatment a new trend in the management of the acute phase of ischemic stroke ?”.

Student Camila Verônica Freire, 6th semester, explains that the work she will present is part of a larger study, developed by the Brazilian Metascience Research Group, linked to the Evidence-Based Medicine Center of the Bahiana, whose advisor is the teacher of Bahiana Luiz Cláudio Corrêa. Professors from the institution Bruno Gomes, Diego Rabelo and Janine Magalhães are also part of the group. The theme of the poster is about the scientific integrity of adaptive randomized clinical trials in the field of neurology. Medical students from Bahiana Gabriel de Araújo Grisi, Thiago Taniguchi, Larrie Laporte and Mariana Correia Cruz, including the Medicine student at the Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia (UFRB) Daniel Medina da Silva, also participated in the work.

Student Moisés Oliveira says that the poster that will be presented at the congress was developed by researchers from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), from Bahiana and the Center for Biotechnology and Cell Therapy (CBTC). The project on neural tissue derived from stem cells with the SCN2A mutation also had the support of some funders, such as the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Bahia (FAPESB), and was developed at Hospital São Rafael. Medical students from the Bahiana Gabriel de Araújo Grisi and Ana Beatriz G. de Almeida.

The study on thrombolytic treatment in the management of the acute phase of ischemic stroke was carried out by members of the academic neurosurgery league of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), however, all students are from the Bahiana. “The work was carried out through a literature review of clinical trials published on the subject”, describes student Letícia Requião, also from the 6th semester. Medical students from Bahiana Ana Flávia Paiva Bandeira Assis, Beatriz do Nascimento Garcia Moreno, Lorena Silva dos Reis, Luísa Rodrigues Cordeiro and Roberto Santos de Oliveira Júnior are part of the list of authors of the research.