III Health Tech marks delivery of awarded works at XIX MCC

Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana contemplated works by students of the PIBIC Junior program, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.


A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública held, on November 20 at the Campus Brotas: III HealthTech, talk show that aims to promote the development of innovative products, services, processes and technologies, stimulating new talents with innovative potential in the area of ​​health and quality of life (See full article). To this end, the event served as a milestone in the development of research at the institution with the delivery of certificates for the awarded works at the XIX Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana, which took place on October 8th and 9th, and brought together hundreds of people with the aim of promoting research and extension activities, having as its starting point the theme "Science, Philosophy, Love and Art: everything together and mixed".

Check the result:

Oral communication - "The panorama of Computer Science in Functional Mobility Assessment Methods"       
Authors: Ítalo Gabriel da Cunha Santos, Amanda Larissa Augusto Pereira, Cristiane Maria Carvalho Costa Dias, Isamar Villas Boas Perrelli Maia and Marcos Antônio Almeida Matos.

Oral communication - "Prevalence of anxiety, depression, stress and burden of care for family members of people with cerebral palsy"
Authors: Vitor Mascarenhas, Carolina Villa Nova Aguiar and Marcos Antônio Almeida Matos.

1rd place - Conversation Wheel: "Race Relations and Health"
Authors: Bruna Silva, Giseli Avani Santos, Laís Becker Pereira, Louise Rosado, Sande Magaly Santos Costa, Vanessa Caroline Lago and Lavínia Boaventura Silva Martins.
2rd place - Talk wheel: "Experience report on the development of a group psychological intervention with obese patients"
Authors: Adriana Guimarães, Milena Castro Bahia do Carmo and Sylvia Maria Barreto da Silva.
3rd place - Conversation circle: "Waiting room as a health education strategy in a geriatrics and gerontology clinic: experience report"
Authors: Bruno Simões da Rocha Mata, Carla Sena Oliveira, Larine Cristiam Aquino and Leidiane Nunes de Andrade.

1rd place - “MINOCA: an entity or spectrum of the same disease?
Authors: Milton Henrique V. de Melo, Fernanda Lopes, Luís Correia, Mateus Viana, Paula Oliveira de Andrade Lopes, Thiago Menezes Barbosa de Souza and Vitor Calixto de Almeida Correia.
2nd place – “Therapeutic itinerary for children and adolescents with MPS”
Authors: Danielle de Souza Santos and Cláudia de Carvalho Santana. 
3rd place - "Lack of association between the Nyha classification and a prognostic score determined by cardiopulmonary testing in patients with heart failure"
Authors: Rebeca Sadigursky Ribeiro, Daniel Sadigursky Ribeiro, Eduardo Sahade Darzé, Igor Oliveira Queiroz, Isabela Pilar Moraes, Luiz Eduardo Ritt and Queila Borges de Oliveira.

1rd place - "Accuracy of the GRACE score for anatomical prediction of patients with acute coronary syndromes"
Authors: Thomaz Emanoel Azevedo Silva, Paula Oliveira de Andrade Lopes and Pedro Henrique Correia Filgueiras.               
2rd place - "Untying (Knots) on suffering"
Authors: Quézia Costa Dias, Clayton Silva de Almeida and Mônica Daltro.
3rd place - "Predictive value of the characteristics of acute chest pain for the presence of obstructive coronary disease"
Authors: Paula Oliveira de Andrade Lopes, Antônio Maurício dos Santos Cerqueira, Luís Correia, Mateus Viana, Milton Henrique Vitória de Melo, Pedro Henrique Correia Filgueiras and Thomaz Emanoel Silva.

NURSING - "Multidimensional assessment of the elderly in the Urgency/Emergency Unit: an integrative review"
Authors: Matheus Costa Cernadas, Lara Ribas, Luiza Leal, Maria Olívia Sobral Fraga de Medeiros, Stéphanie Santana Cardoso and Taynã Araújo Costa.
PHYSIOTHERAPY - "Influence of anterior cruciate ligament injury and reconstruction on motor evoked potential: longitudinal study"
Authors: Thayná Oliveira Silva and Marcus Vinícius de Brito Santana.
MEDICINE - “Plasma levels of C-reactive protein, matrix metalloproteinase-7 and lipopolysaccharide binding protein are able to distinguish pulmonary or extrapulmonary tuberculosis from uninfected children.
Authors: Victor Valadares Summers Albuquerque, Beatriz Vasconcelos Souza and Bruno de Bezerril Andrade.
DENTISTRY - “Fluoride concentration in toothpastes distributed by the Public Health Service of Salvador-Bahia and Santiago-Rio Grande Do Sul”
Authors: Isabella Belmonte Caetano de Souza, Cíntia de Vasconcellos Machado, Jaime Aparecido Cury and Luís Fernando Bandeira Miranda.
MEDICINE - "Perception of the doctor-patient relationship in the context of newborn health care"
Authors: Taylla dos Santos Olivério and Mônica Daltro.

BIOMEDICINE - "Integrative and Complementary Practices in a Family Health Unit: paths trodden"
Authors: Luíza Gláucia Santana Souza, Ana Maria Cruz Santos and Renata Roseghini.
PE - "Effects of different resistance training protocols on lower limb functionality"
Authors: Laura Souza Lagares, Ciro Queiroz Paulo and Rodrigo Santos Aristides.
NURSING - "Risk factors for the development of postpartum depression"
Authors: Cynthia Miranda Moreira and Bárbara Pérez.
PHYSIOTHERAPY - "Assessment of respiratory function and functional independence in people with hereditary amyloidosis: cross-sectional study"
Authors: Luiza Rodrigues Carrera, Adriele Ribeiro França, Cristiane Maria Carvalho Costa Dias, Francisco Tiago de Oliveira, Jemima Araújo da Silva Batista and Marcela Câmara Machado Costa.
MEDICINE - "Resistant high blood pressure and the fourth most prescribed antihypertensive drug in a general medical clinic"
Authors: Alexandra Brito, Constança Cruz and Jessica de Jesus.
PSYCHOLOGY - "The oneiric construction in the congenital blind"
Authors: Felipe Nicori Pereira and Anna Amélia de Faria.