Bahiana for a day provides another opportunity to exchange experiences between high school students and academics

Edition received teenagers from the 3rd year of high school at Colégio Salesiano.


The program Bahiana for one day provided another special afternoon for high school youth. This time, the students of the 3rd year of the Salesian College were contemplated by the initiative that took place on October 16, at Campus Cabula. The activities began at the Morphofunctional Sciences Laboratory, where visitors could learn notions of anatomy with medical students, monitors of the Morphofunctional Sciences Group – GCM. 

"The experience of Bahiana for a day is really cool because we see that, despite having left school a short time ago, being in a situation very little different from the people who come through the program, we have a completely different experience and we managed to pass on what we learned to them. . Sometimes we think we don't know anything and when we go to pass things on to them, we see that we've already learned a lot", says Vivian Roberta Soares Silva, a 2nd semester student of Medicine and monitor at the GCM. She also considers the experience as a opportunity to train future presentations of research papers: "We are always working on language and how to express everything we learn here. It's a very good practice."

The program was continued in the Nursing Skills Laboratory, in which the coordinator of this course, Professor Simone Passos, demonstrated, with the help of a realistic simulation dummy, some interventions in patients, carried out by professionals in the area.
The tour continued at the Dental Care Teaching Clinic (ADAB-Odonto), where visitors were guided by the administrative manager, Lísia Oliveira. They were able to know every part where the services are provided by dentistry students, as well as the modern Dental Clinic of Bahiana and the diagnostic imaging clinic.

Tales Dimitri Faleiro, a student at the Salesiano, says that he has been thinking about studying Medicine for some time and has even taken the entrance exam: "I found it very rewarding and even very interesting. I was surprised by the options I saw here. I would like to thank Bahiana and to the Salesian for this opportunity. Superintendent".
The experience of the 4 years of the Physical Education course served graduate student Rebeca Albuquerque, who coordinated the course's activities, in addition to answering visitors' doubts. "It's very interesting to participate as a graduate student, as it's as if we were watching a movie with everything that happened here. It reminded me of that moment of indecision: 'What am I going to do with the entrance exam?' I chose to do Physical Education just after having listened to a teacher here at Bahiana talk about the course and it changed the course of my life. I fell in love with Physical Education", declares Rebeca. She also says that she lost the Bahiana for a day at his school, but as a Jiu-Jitsu athlete, he was able to visit the institution during a meeting between the sports practitioners and the course coordinator, Clacson Plácido. She also highlights the importance of the Formative Selection Process provided by Bahiana: "On the first day, I came prepared to take a test and when I saw it it was something totally different. The first day of experience helped me a lot in the execution of the test on the second day. This was my second experience with the Bahiana, which immediately left me enchanted with this place of so many learning opportunities".

Bruno Góes, professor of the Physiotherapy course, taught a small practical class on Craniomandibular Physiotherapy and electrostimulation, as well as a quiz on “myths and truths” in Psychology, conducted by psychologist Fernando Lopes, former student of Bahiana and also a graduate of the Salesian College. The activities were closed at the Laboratory of Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences, in which the biomedicalist trained by Bahiana, Emily Figueiredo, mediated some demonstrations of using the microscope.

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