Bahiana participates in the 57nd COBEM

Institution stands out with the presentation of works.


A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde pública participated in another edition of Brazilian Congress of Medical Education, which took place from September 29th to October 2nd in the city of Belém do Pará. This year, the largest meeting in the area in Brazil had as its central theme "Transforming Medical Education: commitment and social responsibility".

The programming was carried out around five thematic axes: "Curriculum and teaching-learning methodologies", "Development of competences and performance evaluation of the medical student", "Teach-service-management-community integration", "Quality of life in medical education" and "Academic management and evaluation of courses and services".

The institution was represented by a delegation of about 20 professors, including the director of the Bahiana Health, prof. Dr. Humberto Castro Lima, the coordinator of the Medicine course, Dr. Ana Verônica Mascarenhas, the coordinator of the Center for Distance Education (NEAD) and the Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth at Bahiana (NUTESB), Prof. Marta Menezes, and the Dean of Graduate Teaching, Dr. Maria de Lourdes Freitas Gomes.

"At COBEM 2019, I had the opportunity to experience experiences and knowledge that will certainly contribute to my improvement as a teacher at Bahiana. The event contributed to my learning, especially with regard to some themes, such as the importance of feedback and debriefing, the use of information technology as an important technological resource for teaching and the importance of interprofessionalism in undergraduate courses", says Ana Shirlei Maranhão, professor of the Nursing course.

The institution was also present with the presentation of works. Professor Iêda Maria Barbosa Aleluia, from the Medicine course and member of the Institutional Program for Teacher Development (PROIDD), presented the posters "The path of the medical student in the formation of professional identity, from high school to mid-graduation course" (author: Isabela de Farias Costa Fernandes); “The influence of the formal and hidden curriculum in the formation of the professional identity of medical students in a public university” (authors: Camila Ataíde dos Santos Rocha – UNEB and Iêda Aleluia – Bahiana and UNEB) and "Remodeling of a curricular component that uses PBL: experience report" (authors: Sandra Lúcia Brasil Santos, Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, dean of Bahiana, Ieda Maria Barbosa Aleluia, Luciana Oliveira Rangel Pinheiro and Rinaldo Antunes Barros). The professor also presented the panel "Clinical or surgeon: factors that influence the choice of the area of ​​medical specialization", made in partnership with professor Ana Luisa Eckhard Uhlein from UNEB and highlighted in COBEM.

The panel "Clinical simulation as an interaction link between Medicine and Nursing courses: experience report" was presented by the Nursing course professor Marilaine M. de Menezes Ferreira, developed in partnership with professors Alexandra Silva, Maristela Rodrigues Sestelo, Ieda Maria Barbosa Aleluia and Simone Cardoso Passos. "The event was very good and also showed that the Bahiana it is already developing methodological actions and strategies for quality education in the health area", says professor Marilaine.

"I see COBEM as an important congress for professors, as we have the opportunity to participate in the discussion of relevant topics in medical education, contextualized in workshops, round tables, panels and conferences", declares the professor of the Medicine course and coordinator from the medical internship of Medicine, Dilton Mendonça, who presented the poster "Cost-awareness and the Choosing Wisely Campaign in Medicine Graduation" by the Pró-Ensino na health group. "THE Bahiana it is the only college in Brazil to develop this campaign at graduation, considered very relevant to avoid harm and waste in health, thus forming professionals with more conscious attitudes".

According to Professor Maria de Lourdes Freitas Gomes, COBEM imposes itself as a space for exchanging knowledge and knowledge. "It's a time when we assess ourselves and realize how we are, through the works presented and the feedback we receive from the medical education community." According to her, COBEM is a congress that allows the participation of other areas of health and this year the Bahiana could count on the participation of professors from Nursing and Biomedicine.

 "COBEM also allows us to demonstrate how we are doing and I can guarantee that we are well advanced with regard to medical education", for example, it reinforces the strengthening of active learning practices and methodologies and the introduction of humanistic and ethical issues in the academic curricula. “Another important point was the opportunity to visit the fair of teaching technologies, where we were able to see some booths about realistic simulation, which is a reality that we have already been practicing and are improving”.