Dynamics mark another edition of Bahiana for one day

Program received students from Colégio Villa Campus de Educação.


The rainy afternoon did not intimidate the thirst for knowledge of the students of the 3rd year of High School of the Villa Campus School of Education, who visited Campus Cabula, on August 28, for the program Bahiana for one day. Accompanied by the team from the Institutional Relationship Nucleus – RELACI, they started the programming in the morphofunctional laboratory, where the Medicine course carried out an activity with the monitors of the Morphofunctional Sciences Group – GCM. The meeting made it possible to experience a practical medicine class with contents about the musculoskeletal system.

Pedro Victor Freitas, 3rd semester student of Medicine and monitor at the GCM, says that the activity was designed based on previous experiences with him. Bahiana for one day: "When I was on the benches receiving these students, I realized that they had no idea which course they wanted to take. We realized that they didn't even know what the medical course was. They ask a lot about medicine. Bahiana and we have to explain that it is a foundation and that it always thinks a lot about humanized work.”

This “humanized care” was the motto of the speech of professor Cristiane Magali, who presented the Nursing course, through an experience with air balloons. Caring in a collective and transdisciplinary way was one of the concepts passed on by the teacher to the visitors.

The technology and technical excellence of the Dental Center was the third stop for students. Welcomed by the administrative manager Lísia Oliveira, visitors were able to see, up close, the Teaching-Assistential Dentistry Clinic – ADAB Odonto, with its more than 150 practice booths for students, in addition to visiting the modern dental clinic for private assistance to the public in general and the diagnostic imaging clinic.

A first contact with craniomandibular physiotherapy and electrical stimulation was the experience held by the Physiotherapy course, whose activity was taught by Professor Bruno Góes. The psychologist and former student of the Psychology course at Bahiana, Laíssa Liguore, was responsible for introducing the profession to the students of the Villa Campus de Educação in a meeting that clarified doubts, myths and truths about the profession.
Beatriz Alves, 17, explains her choice for the Psychology course: “Dealing with people, always being aware of what's going on in their lives and being able to help them has always been something I enjoyed a lot and did with great pleasure. After I stopped to research what I could do, I realized that psychology fit everything I liked."

Taking care of people was one of the points that made Beatriz's colleague, Samir César Costa, choose Medicine: “I like the area of ​​biologicals and health, and it is a specific course that combines what I like and offers financial stability ”. Over the Bahiana for one day, he points out that it is a program that offers the opportunity to get a good idea about each course and its respective area of ​​expertise.

The fourth course presented during the visit was Physical Education. Professor Paulo Rodrigo Santos coordinated an experience of relaxation and meditation, demonstrating how this type of activity can help focused reasoning, also benefiting the intellect in studies.

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