Students of Colégio Marista learn about health courses at Bahiana

Visit was part of the project Bahiana for one day.


Meditation, knowledge about the human body and recreational activities. That was the Wednesday, July 31, of the students of the third year of high school at Colégio Marista, who participated in the Bahiana for a day, at Campus Cabula, and visited the health courses of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública.

The tour began at the Morphofunctional Laboratory, where medical students from Bahiana, monitors of the Morphofunctional Sciences Group, taught about the systems: musculoskeletal; genitourinary and digestive; cardiorespiratory and neuroendocrine.

In order to understand how the profession of physiotherapy works, physiotherapist Eulália Barros taught, through a practical activity, how to identify the bones and muscles of the human body. The students got excited when performing the exercise and showed a lot of interest in the health area.



The Marist College advisor, Mary Machado, expressed satisfaction with the Bahiana for one day. “Students were happy with the possibility of getting to know the undergraduate courses, as they are in the vestibular year and are anxious about their professional choice. So, taking part in this project is an incredible opportunity for their formation”.

The visit to the Dental Clinic of Bahiana it was full of learning. The manager Lísia Oliveira showed how patients are cared for and presented the facilities of the operating room and outpatient clinics. The tour continued at the Movement Study Laboratory with Physical Education teacher Paulo Rodrigo, where he explained about the various areas of activity of the physical education professional and promoted a moment of meditation and relaxation with the students.

Professor Cristiane Magali motivated the students with a playful activity, with the aim of teaching how nursing is a varied field of work and which focuses on patient care in conjunction with other areas of health.

When it comes to understanding how psychology works, many people think in common sense. It was with a focus on demystifying this that psychologist Fernando Lopes explained to students the myths and truths about psychology. The afternoon ended at the Laboratory of Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences, where biomedical scientist Emily Figueiredo promoted a practice of microscopy.

The student at Colégio Marista, Acacia Lemos, told how she got to know the courses at Bahiana positively influenced their career decisions. “It was very interesting to know these courses and participate in these activities. I'm still going to decide which profession to pursue, but, for sure, today's moment will help me understand what I want in my life”.

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