Bahiana for a day receives students from Feira de Santana

Student from CETEB college learned about the health courses of Bahiana.


Last Wednesday, May 29, students from CETEB (Bahia State Technological Education Center) in Feira de Santana, participated in another edition of the project Bahiana for one day, which aims to instruct students professionally, in order to assist them in their choice for the entrance exam, presenting the health courses of the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública.
The 32 students were divided into two groups and toured the structure of Campus Cabula. In the Morphofunctional Laboratory, medical students and monitors from the Morphofunctional Sciences Group presented explanations about the genitourinary and digestive, musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory and neuroendocrine systems.


Physiotherapist Elen Beatriz told the students about her professional trajectory, what activities exist in the field of physiotherapy and gave a practical demonstration on how the balance of the human body works.
At the Dental Center of Bahiana, the manager Lísia Oliveira explained how care works on site and showed the facilities of the Triage and Emergency Unit (UTU), the administrative area, the Surgical Center and the outpatient clinics, where patient care is provided. The visit continued at the Biomedicine Laboratory, where a practical activity on Microscopy took place, led by biomedical scientist Emily Figueiredo.  
Claudenir Moreira Machado, director of CETEB school, expressed his gratitude for witnessing his students participating in this day of knowledge about various professions: “I would like to congratulate the program at Bahiana, because it is wonderful. I believe that every high school should be involved in an action like this. It is a very enriching moment for students. It is necessary that this group has access to as much information as possible about the university and the professions and is inserted in this academic space, which also has a professional environment, with clinics and laboratories, as it is very enriching”.

The nursing teacher Cristiane Magali promoted a playful activity about care and reported about the Nursing course and its work aspects. The students ended the day with psychologist Lorilay Farias, who shared about the Psychology course in Bahiana and made a game of myths and truths of Psychology.
The student, Iasmim Lima, from the 3rd year of high school at CETEB school, told about her experience with Bahiana for a day: “I'm in love with the Bahiana. I've always liked Medicine and the health area, and knowing the courses and structure of this faculty made me fall in love even more. I found it all very interesting. I liked how the Medicine monitors explained about the human body and I also liked the dynamic activities carried out by the professors of the other courses. ”

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