Bahiana for one day, performs activities with students from Colégio Resgate

The students from the Brotas and Cabula experienced the courses of Bahiana.


The May 22nd edition of Bahiana for a day was attended by 24 students from Colégio Resgate from the Brotas and Kabula. The action was held at Campus Cabula, from 14:10 pm to 17 pm. The high school students experienced the courses of Bahiana and answered questions about the professional performance of the health areas.
When starting the program, the high school students were divided into two groups that took turns between courses during the visitation itinerary. At the Morphofunctional Laboratory, monitors from the Morphofunctional Sciences Group demonstrated the curricular components of the Medicine course. In room S08, in pavilion III, in addition to teacher Mayana Souza, students Enzo Gondiano and Lucas Menezes, members of the Academic League of Physiotherapy in Orthopedics and Sports at Bahiana – LAFORT, both from the 5th semester, carried out biomechanical assessments and exemplified the importance of proper treatment for physical injuries.



Student Lucas Menezes said that clarifying the profession for young people was enriching. The professor of the Physiotherapy course, Mayana Souza, classified the program as a moment of dissemination and guidance regarding the health of the community.
At the Dental Center of Bahiana, the manager Lísia Oliveira presented the service structure for third-year students. Professor João Franco held a dynamic at the Movement Study Laboratory/Physical Education Skills Laboratory, to encourage the practice of exercises in everyday life. Soon after, professor Cristiane Magali, from the Nursing course, provoked the reflection of high school students in relation to the understanding of Caring in Nursing.
In room S08, psychologist and former student, Fernando Arruti, addressed the fields of psychology, in addition to presenting the activity “Myths and Truths About Psychology”. The former student points out that “these actions are important for teenagers who are in the academic and professional choice phase”.
The Microbiology activity was taught by the employee of the Bahiana, biomedical and former student, Emilly Figueiredo, at the Laboratory of Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences I.
The coordinator of the third year of Colégio Resgate, Rosana Leão, highlighted that the school, this year alone, had already participated in the initiative twice: "On another occasion, I had the opportunity to mediate this activity that works as a guide for young people" . Student João Pedro Bahia, 17, reported that he was enchanted by the institution and the structure of the courses. Igor Nepomuceno, 17, also highlighted the positive experience he had: “The third year is a decision-making phase, and this initiative helped a lot, especially those who intend to pursue the health area”.

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