Bahiana for a day receives students from Colégio São Paulo

Class of the third year of high school visited the courses of Bahiana.


Last Wednesday, May 8, Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública hosted third-year high school students at Colégio São Paulo (CSP), for another edition of Bahiana for one day. The 40 students were divided into two groups and took a tour of the undergraduate courses at Bahiana.

When visiting the Morphofunctional Laboratory, coordinated by Professor Suzana Araújo, the students were welcomed by the laboratory monitors and learned about various subjects related to Medicine and the functioning of the human body.

The Physiotherapy course was represented by Professor Cláudia Furtado, who initially promoted a chat about the functions of the physiotherapist and the course's curriculum. After this conversation, there was a practical demonstration on breathing techniques and techniques that involve balance reactions, in which professional instruments in the area were used.


The tour continued at the Dental Center of Bahiana, where the administrative supervisor Lísia Oliveira spoke about how care is provided at the site, which currently has 2.800 patients. Then, he presented the Triage and Urgency Unit (UTU), the outpatient clinic and all of the clinic's environments.

Professor João Franco held an outdoor activity with the students, promoting a volleyball game, and explained about the benefits of the Physical Education course, such as teaching, research and extension, as well as questions about the work that the Bahiana through the course, with the local community.

High School advisor at Colégio São Paulo, Rita Cavalcanti, commented on the relevance of Bahiana for a day for the training of students: “This action is carried out by Bahiana it is interesting because they know more about the health areas and have contact with the university environment. They learn about what college is in a dynamic way.”

In Nursing, professor Cristiane Magali promoted a playful activity with the aim of teaching about the importance of patient care and talked about the role of nurses in different areas of health.

Professor Emily Figueiredo did a laboratory activity on microscopy, in which students had the opportunity to understand, through practical demonstration, how the scope of Biomedicine works.

To end the visit, professor Fernanda Arruti discussed the Psychology course in Bahiana and the role of the psychologist in promoting health and quality of life, performing a dynamic of psychological myths and truths.

The third-year student at CSP, Ilka Rocha, told how to get to know the courses and the structure of the Bahiana positively influences the choice of profession for the future: “It helps a lot. Firstly because we know the routine of those who are in Baiana and then because it is very good to understand how graduations work and clear up our doubts”.
Colégio São Paulo participates in the Bahiana for one day
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