Cultural visit to the Recôncavo

Students and teachers of the Redes Candeal da extension project Bahiana held a cultural tour of Santo Amaro, Cachoeira and São Félix.


With poetry, in poetry... that was the trip to visit territories of resistance and black culture in Bahia by the extension project group Candeal Networks Bahiana. In day 10 November, a month of Black Consciousness commemorations, students and teachers of the project carried out a cultural visit to the cities of Santo Amaro da Purificação, Cachoeira and São Félix, in the Recôncavo Baiano region.

The activity was part of the pedagogical actions and experiences developed by the project and highlighted the importance of recognizing territories and their multiple sociocultural influences as determinants in the process of health, disease and care. The programming had the logistical support of the Bahiana and was coordinated by professors Gerfson Oliveira and Lavínia Boaventura.

During the trip, students and teachers declaimed poetry, recited verses and tales from African roots, listened to songs by composers, singers and artistic groups in the region. At the stops, it was possible to visit historic buildings, churches and museums that tell important moments in our history.

In Cachoeira, the group had the support of a local guide who narrated the history of the city, its people and the importance of the black population in the achievements of Brazil's independence.