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Opening of the Dental Clinic


The Dental Center of Bahiana Saúde has just launched another innovative service. Based on the ideal of humanization and enabling health for all, the Dental Clinic of the Bahiana. To mark the date, one of the first patients to be seen was the dean of Bahiana Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, in addition to collaborators from different sectors of the institution.

The service is offered to the entire community of Salvador, at different prices, providing access to quality treatment with the advantage of completion in shorter terms than at the school clinic, as explained by the manager of the Dental Center and professor of the course in Dentistry, Cecília Azoubel. "Our clinic school already serves the entire community of Salvador by spontaneous demand and here there will also be assistance by spontaneous demand, but with a different flow. In the case of the clinic school, we have a limitation in the number of places, while the clinic dentistry will have a more streamlined schedule, with appointments and treatments completed within shorter deadlines, as patients will be seen exclusively by professionals - students at the school clinic offer good care, but more time is needed with the patient."

The coordinator of Social Impact Business, André Soliani, explains that one of the goals of the new service is to offer quality care to those who need it, which is the mission of Bahiana. According to him, the idea is that the service is sustainable, not depending on donations, nor being a cost for the institution. "The Dental Clinic is a pilot project with the objective of expanding the offer of oral health to those who need it, within a model that is perpetuated. We have some innovations in this model, such as a differentiated price list, where those who earn more pay more, and whoever earns less pays less".

According to André, a table was created for the institution's employees, which is divided into three pay ranges, covering all positions at the institution. The external public was placed in the intermediate range. "All this with the same quality for everyone, whether in service or in the materials used, which are among the best in the market. In this way, we focus on the financial sustainability of the service and we will not depend on external contributions to function. This model also proposes breaking the paradigm of inequalities in the country, where we are used to having services for the poor and others for the rich."

Some of the advantages pointed out by André were the payment methods. Employees of the Bahiana they can pay for the treatment with a payroll discount, and patients without a link to the institution can split the total up to 12 interest-free installments on their credit card.

Customer service

"I thought it was valid, I loved it, I liked it a lot, and the project seems to be very good. The service was excellent", says Vera Regina Ribeiro dos Santos, a member of the events support sector. Verinha underwent an evaluation and took a panoramic x-ray.

 “The service was great, the dentists explained everything correctly, very clearly, and were very understanding”, says Marcus Santos Venâncio, a Depin collaborator. He did an evaluation for caries treatments and fluoride application. “Congratulations to the project! We really needed a project like this, with prices more affordable than those found elsewhere.”

According to the dean of Bahiana Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, the clinic proposes several goals. “One of them is to offer a high quality service and environment for everyone. For our employees and their families, for our students, for the entire community, with fair values ​​that are lower than those offered in the market, but with a quality of excellence.”

She emphasizes that the clinic will contribute to the sustainability of the service throughout the Dental Center, which continues to be focused mainly on teaching-care and teaching. “The idea is that, as it grows, the clinic will help to support the outpatient teaching-assistance clinic”, said the dean.

About the service, Maria Luisa highlights the complete evaluation as a differential. “A general assessment was carried out, with a panoramic x-ray and physical examination, in which the dentist analyzed everything a patient needs, not just what hurts. She did an oral health assessment, checked what needs to be treated, and made the budget. ”



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