It is with great satisfaction that we announce the XNUMXst Periodontics Meeting of Bahia which will be held on the days May 13, 14 and 15, 2010, in the classroom pavilion of Campus III (Cabula) of the BAHIANA/Dentistry course. 


The idea of XNUMXst Periodontics Meeting of Bahia it arose from the need to bring together all Undergraduate Dentistry Courses in Bahia, as well as Postgraduate Courses in Periodontics. At this event, we will have the opportunity to discuss the scientific production of HEIs in our state, in the area of ​​Periodontics. This first edition will be organized by the Bahia Academic League of Periodontics and Implantodontics (LABEPI). Every two years a new edition will be held, by consensus, in another HEI in Bahia.




The XNUMXst Periodontics Meeting of Bahia honors the illustrious Prof. Dr. Urbino da Rocha Tunes (Coordinator of the Dentistry Course at BAHIANA) for the services provided to the scientific dentistry community of the State of Bahia. In 1999 Salvador hosted the XVIII Brazilian Congress of Periodontology under the presidency of Prof. Dr. Urbino da Rocha Tunes. In 2011 this national event will once again be held in the capital of Bahia under the presidency of the “Master of All of Us”. Thus, the XNUMXst Periodontics Meeting of Bahia will also aim to gather teachers and specialists in Periodontics, preparing them for the biggest event of Periodontics in Brazil.




At the end of May 14th, the official award ceremony for the best scientific works will be held, followed by a get-together.



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