O Graduate Program in Medicine and Human Health performs, in this Friday (05) at the Brotas Academic Unit, from 08:30 am, a opening class to welcome new Masters and Doctorate students. The opening will be attended by the director of BAHIANA, Prof. Maria Luísa Carvalho Soliani, the coordinator of Postgraduate Studies, Research and Extension, Prof. Kátia Sá and the coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Medicine and Human Health (CPgMSH), Prof. Bernardo Galvão.

With the theme "The Brazilian health reform and the Unified Health System", the inaugural class will be presented by Prof. Jairnilson Paim, Institute of Public Health (ISC), UFBA and starts at 09h.

After a short break, participants will be able to attend the class “The philosophy of research of CPgMSH/EBMSP”, with Prof. Dr. Armênio Guimarães.

On the occasion, master's and doctoral students will also be able to meet the faculty and employees. The closing will be carried out with a speech by Prof. Bernardo Galvão.