You, student or teacher of Bahiana, have you stopped to reflect on your role as a citizen? Would you like to act in the transformation of the environment to build a fairer society, based on values ​​such as ethics and citizenship? Can discussing Brazil's main social problems lead to practical solutions? Some teachers and students from BAHIANA believe so and are already doing so. This is the Social Citizenship Network (RSC), which is being carried out by the research group Mind, Assessment and Mental Health, and which on October 22 promotes another meeting, at 19:206, in room XNUMX of the Academic Unit Brotas.

 At each meeting, an activity is carried out such as lectures and film screenings, which are followed by debate and work organization. This next edition will feature an interview with Cláudio Abramo, president of the NGO Transparência Brasil, in which he addresses issues such as citizenship actions, fighting corruption, among others. According to the Psychology professor at Bahiana and one of the project organizers, Henrique Morais, “the Social Network of Citizenship has the function of communicating with social movements, promoting ethics and citizenship. So, we promote partnerships between entities, trying to put into practice what is discussed at the meeting. And we have already had success, for example, a project that was set up and is already part of the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Bahia. Our goal is to form a great network of mutual help.”

 The Social Network of Citizenship is open and to participate, just attend the biweekly meetings. The movement began in September and already has the participation of students and professors from Bahiana and from other higher education institutions, members of social movements, professionals in the health and other areas, researchers and interested parties. In recent meetings, topics such as Science & Technology, citizenship and ethics, globalization and its effects, the Brazilian situation, among others, were discussed.

 The initiative also aims to stimulate the construction of a mobilization network with the purpose of enhancing the actions of popular movements and human rights for the construction of citizenship in Brazil, “in addition to being a form of Bahiana, as an educational entity, to get closer to society”, justifies professor Morais.

 “At this moment, the university must work with social movements and communities, supporting the construction of projects and initiatives for popular participation. Therefore, we are going to promote courses in management, training, or whatever corresponds to the demands identified during the meetings", he comments.


Order date: 22/10/2009 (Thursday)
Open Hours: from 19pm
Location: Room 206 - Academic Unit Brotas
End. Av. Dom João VI, 275 – Brotas
Activity: Lecture followed by debate and work organization
Presented by: Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública - BAHIANA
Department of Psychology, Mind, Assessment and Mental Health.
Information: (71) 3276 8200