1. General Information


1.1. objective
Support the execution of research projects financed with resources from the BAHIANA/FBDC allocated through an institutional quota, through the granting of scientific initiation scholarships to regularly enrolled undergraduate students.
1.2. Schedule
  • Release of the Notice - 12.6.2009
  • Receipt of proposals until 10.7.2009
  • Analysis and Judgment until 17.7.2009
  •  Disclosure of results 17.7.2009
  • Delivery of selected documents until 24.7.2009
  • Implementation of grants 01.8.2009
1.3. Number of vacancies
  • 20 (twenty) scientific initiation grants. 

a) Be regularly enrolled, as of the 3rd semester, in an undergraduate course at the BAHIANA /FBDC.

b) Not having an employment relationship and devoting 12 (twelve) hours a week to research activities.

c) Be nominated and selected by a researcher linked to BAHIANA/FBDC

d) Not be benefited by another scholarship.



a) Have an employment relationship with the Bahiana

b) Be a researcher linked to research groups linked to BAHIANA/FBDC and have at least specialization.

c) Have an up-to-date curriculum on the Lattes Platform.


1.6. Duration and Deadlines
  • The duration of the scholarship is 12 (twelve) months, as long as it does not exceed the regular graduation period of the course.
2.0. Submission of Proposals
  • Completion of the scholarship request form from BAHIANA, emphasizing the work plan to be developed by the scholarship holder (Annex 01). The project must be delivered in 02 (two) copies. One of them must be on CD. Do not include in the project on CD the name of the candidate, advisor, institutional information and other information that may identify him, so that anonymity is ensured during the evaluation. If this does not happen, the candidate may be discarded.
  • Curriculum lattes summarized and updated from the advisor (printed from the Lattes platform).
  • Candidate's summary résumé Lattes.
  • Candidate's history, referring to graduation (signed by the institution).
  1. The project must comply with the APPENDIX 01.
  2. Each researcher may submit several proposals for granting the scholarship, however only a maximum of two proposals can be approved by each applicant researcher.
  3. All documents referring to item 2.0 must be submitted in (two) copies.
  4. Scientific initiation projects submitted for selection for scientific initiation (CI) scholarships BAHIANA/FAPESB/ 2009 will be automatically enrolled in the selection of the Institutional PIBIC, requiring the candidate's expression of interest and the filling out annex 01.
  5. If the scholarship candidate wants to change his project (BAHIANA/FAPESB) will have to make a new application, as a new proposal will be considered.
3.0. Analysis and Judgment
  • The selection of proposals submitted to BAHIANA/FBDC, in compliance with this Notice, will follow the steps and conditions below and will comply with the judgment criteria of the Selection Committee, which will decide on any doubts arising in relation to the interpretation of the rules of the notice.   
The judging of the proposals will be carried out by the members of the Selection Committee and will receive a score in terms of the APPENDIX 02
Tiebreaker criteria, according to the items below:

a) the student does not fail

b) by the score of the academic record

c) not having benefited from a previous scholarship

d) have exercised monitoring in a subject that makes up the curriculum of the BAHIANA

e) if the tie persists, the Selection Committee has autonomy to propose other forms of tiebreakers, which will be duly recorded in the minutes of the final evaluation meeting.


4.0. Results of the Judgment and Implementation of Scholarships
The results will be announced in the home page institutional of BAHIANA/FBDC ( and through the pedagogical secretariats of the camps de Brotas, Cabula and Nazaré, who will be responsible for fixing the murals and teachers' rooms. Candidates are responsible for informing themselves about them. After the result, a copy of the proposal will be available at the Institution, for a period of 30 days, to be rescued by the candidate. After this period, the proposals will be discarded.
5.0. Monitoring and Final Evaluation
a) The advisor/scholarship holder will demonstrate the evolution of the work of the grantee(s) with a half-yearly (January 2009) and final (July 2010) report, delivered to the institutional coordination of the Scientific Initiation Scholarship program of the BAHIANA/FBDC. Failure to comply will result in suspension of the scholarship or even its cancellation.
b) The BAHIANA/FBDC reserves the right at any time to request additional information or documents deemed necessary for the evaluation and monitoring of proposals.
6.0. Revocation or Annulment of the Notice
At any time, this Notice may be revoked or annulled, in whole or in part, including the resources allocated to it by unilateral decision of the BAHIANA/FBDC, for reasons of public interest or legal requirement, without this implying rights to indemnification or claim of any nature.
7.0. Additional Information
7.1 Proposals must be filed at the secretariat of the Bahiana, Academic Unit of Nazareth, under the care of Mrs. Graça Cerqueira until 12 o'clock a day 10.7.2009.
Proposals, even if filed, that are in disagreement with the items in this Notice will not be analyzed


Anexo 01

Anexo 02