Errata: Selection notice - Cuidar Faz Bem Program (UPA)

Check the correction in the notice for undergraduate and graduate students in Nursing. Enrollment runs until August 9th.


Enrollment is now open for the Cuidar Faz Bem extension program, with activities in the Emergency Care Unit (UPA).

The selection process is intended to fill 12 (twelve) places, namely: 8 (eight) places distributed among students of the 7th, 8th and 9th semesters of the Nursing Undergraduate Course at the School  Bahiana  of Medicine and Public Health, 2 (two) places for students enrolled in the Specialization Course in Urgent and Emergency Nursing, 2 (two) places in the Specialization Course in Intensive Care and High Complexity of the School Bahiana of Medicine and Public Health, upon proof of enrollment in the semester.

Check out complete edital and apply by August 9th.