Dental Biomaterials Laboratory

Dental Biomaterials Laboratory

(Cabula Campus)

The experimental laboratory of Bahiana, aimed at research activities in areas of knowledge related to health, is used by in-house researchers and by collaborators from other institutions. 

Its structure serves, mainly, research in the lines of Clinical Dentistry and Implantology at PPgO. The research carried out in this space aims to investigate the properties, indications and techniques for using dental biomaterials. The works have as an approach the construction of scientific evidence with an emphasis on development, innovation, evaluation of criteria for success and failure of biomaterials. 

In an attached space, there is the Biobank of Teeth of Bahiana, under construction, which will make it possible to carry out work within ethical principles in health research. The environment is equipped with materials and equipment for the development of experiments in the area of ​​biomaterials.

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Andréa Araújo de Nóbrega Cavalcanti