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II Internship in Psychology

Registration 11/11/2021 to 08/12/2021

Event 10/12/2021


The Psychology Internship Day and the Seminar for Internship and Work Preparation (SEPET) are extension activities whose objective is to present the fields of practice of the 5th year of the Psychology course at Bahiana, favoring the preparation of students to choose an internship, as well as to meet the world of work and reflect on future projects. Through the exhibition and sharing of intervention practices, it is intended, with the Journey and the Seminar, to improve the skills necessary for the performance of an ethical and humanized professional practice in different contexts of society.



  • Time: 8h to 12h
  • Location: Zoom
  • Target audience: Psychology students.
  • Coordination: teachers Sylvia Barreto, Ana Aparecida Martinelli Braga and Myla Arouca.
  • Digital certification Bahiana | Hours: 4 hours


End of the 2nd semester

Event 18/12/2021

Final exam 2nd semester

Event 13/12/2021