HTLV center

HTLV center

- Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus (Campus Brotas)

The Integrative and Multidisciplinary Care Center for HTLV Carriers (CHTLV) is a service of the Teaching-Assistance Outpatient Clinic (ADAB) of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública which aims at integrated and multidisciplinary care, aiming at the physical and mental well-being of patients, as well as their families.

In addition, the CHTLV has the following missions/objectives:
- improve care and quality of life for people living with HTLV;
- reduce prejudice and discrimination against these people;
- control the related endemic in the state of Bahia;
- generate and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge;
- promote the development of public policies in line with the principles of the SUS.

Coordinator: professor Dr. Bernardo Galvão de Castro Filho

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