Course in Biomedicine Bahiana turns 20

Celebration took place on Campus Cabula.


The Biomedicine course at Bahiana he turned 20 last March and, to celebrate this milestone, a ceremony was held at Campus Cabula, last Thursday (30/03). The People Development coordinator, Prof. Luiza Ribeiro, teachers and students were present. Throughout its history, the course has trained important researchers, such as Dr. Jaqueline Góes, who participated in the team of scientists that mapped the first genomes of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Brazil, in just 48 hours, after the confirmation of the first case of Covid-19 in the country. Currently, she is part of the faculty of the institution.

The pedagogical project of the Biomedicine course has a generalist education and offers students experience in the most diverse areas of the profession. "The course of Bahiana prepares professionals for a world in constant transformation. Therefore, training is eminently practical, always approaching humanistic discussions as a training axis", points out the course coordinator, Prof. Dr. Geraldo Ferraro. Students are also encouraged to participate in community activities, in which they can get to know different social contexts and the individual's health-disease process.

According to Ferraro, living with families from different communities allows the student to have a fundamental understanding for the development of an ethical posture centered on people's well-being. “In addition, the activities also allow the student to exchange professional experiences in an interdisciplinary way, since the work is carried out together with students and professionals from other areas”, highlights the coordinator.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública