About the Maintainer

About the Maintainer

A Foundation Bahiana for Science Development - FBDC It is a private, non-economic, educational, cultural, scientific and assistance institution. Its main objective is “the teaching, research and extension of knowledge and services in the area of ​​health, science in general and culture to serve the community”.

It was created in 1952 by a group of medical leaders and members of civil society, with the purpose of organizing and maintaining a medical school: the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública.

Today, the institution offers several lato and stricto sensu undergraduate and postgraduate courses, in addition to extension courses and activities. Research is also encouraged with the objective of producing knowledge, developing and transferring new technologies, protecting scientific and technological knowledge with registration of intellectual property, disseminating the culture of entrepreneurship, intellectual property and innovation.

In its teaching-assistance clinics, it provides health services to the population, consolidating itself over the years as a reference in higher education in the North/Northeast and one of the best health schools in Brazil.

Prof. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani

Ademário Galvão Spinola

Maria Thereza Oliva Marcílio de Souza

Executive Director
Jacques Saidi Salah

Luiz Fernando Campos Magalhães

General secretary
Débora Maria da Cruz Guimarães

Almério de Souza Machado
Antônio Luiz Matheus Biscaia
Claudia Giudice
Maria de Fatima Dias Costa
Ricardo Castro
Rosemilda Mendes Lima

Dr. Aidil Brito Araújo
Dr. Aurino Lacerda Gusmão
Prof. Marina Araújo

Ana Maria Silva Galvão Castro
Angela Maria Tavares Chaves