It coordinates the actions of the two Undergraduate Academic Secretariats and the Academic Secretariat for Internships and Internships, in addition to the two Secretariats for Graduate Studies, Research and Innovation.

The General Secretariat is responsible for maintaining all academic documentation, from the student's entry into the institution until the stage of completion of the course, including, when relevant, the award of a degree and the issuance of a diploma.


1. Admission Process - Enrollment
The General Secretariat coordinates all selection processes for enrollment, formalizing the student's entry into the Bahiana, through the calls and notices published on the Institution's website.

2. External transfer process and diploma holders
The General Secretariat, together with the coordinators of undergraduate courses, organizes, monitors and coordinates the selection processes for external transfers and diploma holders, from enrollment to enrollment.

The publication of the registration notices is carried out on the website of the Bahiana, every semester, containing information about the necessary documentation, registration fee and other guidelines for this process.

3. Process of registration and issuance of diplomas and certificates
At the end of the course, all student documentation is checked and prepared for the diploma registration process, it is very important to keep personal data up to date to facilitate communication with the General Secretariat and avoid delays in delivering the diploma.

4. Graduation / Graduation
Graduation or graduation is the official act of completion of the undergraduate course at the higher education institution. It takes place after the completion of the required workload and the student's approval in all curricular components, internships, course completion works and complementary activities required by law, in addition to compliance with ENADE, when applicable.

5. Assistance to alumni
The General Secretariat is the area responsible for serving students who have completed the undergraduate and graduate course at Bahiana and who are now in the condition of alumni. All your requests regarding academic documentation should be addressed to the e-mail:

6. Management of the Academic Sagres system
The Academic Registration and Control Nucleus - NURCA is responsible for the registration, control, updating and management of the Academic Sagres system used in the secretariats of the Bahiana. It is in this system that information about the student's life is fed daily. NURCA is also responsible for issuing all alumni's documents, whether historical or declarations, in addition to undergraduate and graduate diplomas and certificates.

7. Digital Secretary
Developed by the General Secretariat, it aims to modernize the practices of archiving and consulting academic data, through the digitization of documentation that is under the responsibility of the secretariats, transforming the entire physical file into a digital file.

It also uses tools for digitally signing and certifying institutional documents in electronic media, streamlining the service to students and former students.

These documents have legal validity, both in physical and digital media, and their authenticity can be verified by accessing the Certisign Subscription Portal/Bahiana.

Thus, by reducing paper consumption, the digital secretariat contributes to the commitment of Bahiana in relation to the preservation of the environment.