Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Integrated Library System

Physical Bibliographic Collection
To ensure complete and excellent training, the Bahiana makes available to its students and the external public a bibliographic collection consisting of books, scientific periodicals (foreign and national), newspapers and magazines; theses and dissertations, reference works (encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, catalogues) and technical standards.

The management is done through Sagres-Acervo, a modern tool that has the technological resources to simultaneously manage the thousands of titles available in the libraries of Bahiana.

Collaborate with our Collection!
Bahiana accepts donations of bibliographic material related to the health area, and it is necessary to submit it to a technical evaluation to analyze its real relevance and the feasibility of using it in its collection.

Virtual Bibliographic Collection
Virtual Library - it provides remote, simultaneous and unlimited access to the collection's e-books, which contain technical and scientific information in the health and related fields. Click here and check it out!

CAPES Journal Portal - students, professors and researchers of the Bahiana can access the content signed by CAPES from anywhere, using the network username and password provided by Bahiana, without having to register or configure your web browser.

In the Federated Academic Community (CAFe), each institution works as an identity provider, being responsible for authenticating and providing information about its users for the authorized services offered. The service is provided by the National Education and Research Network (RNP), for remote access to the CAPES Journal Portal, through the Federated Academic Community (CAFe).

To check out the step-by-step instructions on how to access the exclusive content of Portal Capes via CAFe, using your institutional e-mail address Bahianaclick here.

Institutional Repository - it allows full access to the intellectual production of researchers, preserving the institution's scientific memory, generated over the years, and encourages scientific research, allowing free access to the publications of the institution's authors-researchers. All of this makes the Bahiana always be in line with the International Movement for Open Access to Scientific Information. To have access, click here!

Journal Portal (Bahiana Journals) - it designs and disseminates intellectual productions through the institution's scientific journals, providing contributions that expand the spaces for dialogue and knowledge. Click here and check it out!

Manual for the Preparation of Academic and Scientific Works (12th edition - 2023) –
guides students in the standardization and standardization of work, according to ABNT standards, in Vancouver and American Psychological Association (APA) styles.  Click here.