Primary Health Care and Public Health - Medicine

Primary Health Care and Public Health - Medicine

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Outpatient Clinic for Primary Health Care


Some characteristics:
Ambulatory of Primary Attention to Health, actions for the promotion of health, family care, home visit, case studies in clinic sessions, group studies, social actions.

- Previous knowledge of Family Health, Community and principles of Primary Attention to Health, Organic Systems and main deviances, chronic and degenerative diseases, semiology.
- Intermediate or Advanced level of Portuguese language.

- Communitarian Complex Vida Plena – CCVP (NGO) - Pau da Lima neighborhood
- Clinic in the Community - Brotas Campus

Weekly working hours: 32 h

Period of program:
4 weeks (Start: February, March, April, May, August, September and October)
8 weeks (Start: February, March, April, August, September and October)



The internships take place with small supervisor groups and there are vacancies in the following areas for 2023/2024: Pulmonology - Cardiology - Gastroenterology - Neurology - Psychiatry - Rheumatology - Dermatology - Children's Health - Women's Health - Elderly Health.

The supervised programs that lead to a greater understanding of the correlation between
Social Determinants of Health in a developing country and prevalent symptoms as well as illnesses.

The internships are hands-on programs taught in Portuguese. In case of non-proficiency
in Portuguese, the student can attend as an observership.

Internship B: Medical student (from 5th or 6th year)

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Bahiana Health Center (Brotas Campus)

40h/per week (lasting 4 weeks or 8 weeks)

Tuition fee:
USD 922 (The cost may vary according to the dollar rate of the day).

Contact for more information: