PEC - Research / Partnership

PEC - Research / Partnership

Continuing Education in Research Program

PEC Pesquisa is intended for the improvement of human resources in research activities in various areas of knowledge. It provides the continuity of research activities, formalizing the access of researchers without institutional affiliation to the research spaces of the Bahiana. Graduates and professionals, unrelated to another HEI/ICT/Company, participants of research groups certified (registered in the DGP) by the Bahiana, who wish to develop research activities at the institution, such as: data collection, participation in research group meetings, data analysis, writing of scientific articles, among others.

The PEC Partnership is intended to encourage inter-institutional partnerships for the purpose of developing scientific and technological research, formalizing the access of students and professionals from other HEI/Companies to the research spaces of the Bahiana. Professionals or students can apply (PEC Partnership Jr.), with a link with another HEI/ICT/Company, involved in research & innovation activities in the Bahiana (including participation in research groups).

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