Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública it has an ombudsman service for students, employees, customers and the community in general to express their opinion about the assistance and educational services offered.

The Ombudsman of Bahiana it is a channel for dialogue between the community and the institution, accessible for everyone to express their wishes, praise, dissatisfaction and suggestions, both for the academic body and for the assistance and management bodies. 

How it works
The Ombudsman is linked to the Customer Relationship Center of Bahiana (RELACI). The service acts in attendance, registration, evaluation and sending compliments, complaints, requests and suggestions to the responsible sectors, mediating the relationship between the institution and the community with total confidentiality. 

Ombudsman Purposes
The Ombudsman's objective is to facilitate the forwarding of the demands of the internal and external communities to the competent areas of the Bahiana, in order to contribute to the search for solutions for each situation and improvement of the services provided by Bahiana.

This way, the Bahiana it can measure, solve existing problems or even anticipate them.

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