Psychopedagogical Care Center - NAPP

Psychopedagogical Care Center - NAPP

Founded in 2000, the Psychopedagogical Care Center - NAPP has as its guiding axis the exercise of mental health care and support for the teaching-learning process of the academic community of Bahiana, as well as supporting the cultural and scientific production of this community.

It works in articulation with the Institutional Political Pedagogical Project and with the National Curriculum Guidelines, through actions sustained in the clinical and psycho-pedagogical axes, contemplating structuring aspects of the professional profile intended by the institution.

As this is a differential in the structure of a higher education institution, this nucleus is made up of a multidisciplinary team:

  • Maria Angélica Mendes – manager of the NAPP (psychologist);
  • Ana Paula Barros (pedagogue and psychopedagogue);
  • Camila Baqueiro (psychologist);
  • Cauê Ribeiro (psychologist);
  • Débora Ferraz (psychologist);
  • Francisco Medauar (psychiatrist);
  • Janaína Scuccato (psychologist);
  • Joice Cavalcante (psychiatrist);
  • Jozélia Abreu (pedagogue and psychopedagogue);
  • Ludmila Avanzo (psychologist);
  • Maria Cândida Tavares (psychologist);
  • Renata Berenstein (psychologist).

In order to fulfill its mission, the NAPP is responsible for achieving the following objectives:

  • Promote mental health through preventive and assistance actions aimed at the academic community involved in professional training.
  • Encourage cultural projects that involve the coexistence of students with biopsychosocial diversity.
  • Advise undergraduate courses in line with the Institutional Pedagogical Project, seeking specific psychopedagogical strategies for each one.
  • Enriching the professional training process according to new pedagogical trends in the perspective of complementarity and collaboration between knowledge.
  • Create spaces for reflection on contemporary reality based on professional training.
  • Conduct research that contributes to the implementation of the aforementioned objectives, bringing together areas of knowledge that underlie psychopedagogy.