XIII Scientific and Cultural Exhibition and III Researchers Forum of Bahiana

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III Researchers Forum of Bahiana


Thursday, September 26

Opening table: brief report on the results obtained from the first forums

Profs. Maria Luisa Soliani, Katia Nunes Sá, Urbino Tunes, Marcos Almeida and Ana Marice Ladeia

8.40 p.m
Conference: The Importance of Research in HEIs

Prof. Dr. Jailson Bittencourt de Andrade
Full Professor at the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry at the Federal University of Bahia – UFBA; PhD in Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry (PUC-RJ; CNPq researcher level 1A since 1988; dean of Research and Graduate Studies at UFBA (1998 to 2002); advisor to the Brazilian Society of Chemistry (SBQ), FINEP (alternate ) and the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Panel on Climate Change; member of the National Order of Scientific Merit, in the degree of Gran Cruz, of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and of the Academy of Sciences of Bahia; editor of the Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society until 2012 and member of the Editorial Board of Microchemical
Journal and Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences; coordinator of the National Institute of Science and Technology for Energy and Environment (INCT E&A).

9.10 p.m
Awarding of the Professor Humberto Castro Lima Award to Researcher of the Year (2012/2013)

9.15 p.m
Interval and Autograph Session of the second issue of the Brazilian Journal of Medicine and Human Health

Prof. Roberto Santos 

9.30 p.m
Research Group Meeting

Room 101: AZUL GROUP – Coord.: Prof. Luis Erlon Rodrigues
Room 102: GRUPO VERMELHO – Coordinator: Prof. Tania Brazil
Room 103: GRUPO VERDE – Coordinator: Prof. Ana Marice Ladeia
Room 104: GRUPO AMARELO – Coordinator: Prof. Patrícia Lordêlo
Room 107: ROSA GROUP – Coordinator: Prof. Katia Nunes Sá
Room 108: GRUPO WHITE – Coordinator: Prof.ª Silvia Reis
Room S07: GRUPO PRETO – Coordinator: Prof. Marilda Castelar

Plenary: Presentation of the results of the group meetings and construction of the planning proposal for the research in 2014

XI PIBIC Journey: presentation of research work developed by 2012/2013 scholarship holders



 XIII Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana
XI Scientific Initiation Journey - PIBIC


Thursday, September 26

14h to 17h
Attention to the Elderly
Academic Leagues
>> Room 107 and Pátio do Pav. III

14h to 18h

Pain Patient Assessment
Coordinator: Bruno Teixeira Goes
Hours: 4 hours | Vacancies: 30
>> Room 103 – Pav. II

Neuro-Ischemic Foot Assessment
Hours: 4 hours | Vacancies: 45
Coordinator: Giovana Rossi Figueroa
>> Room S03 – Pav. III

Bad News Communication
Coordinator: Maria Constança Velloso Cajado
Hours: 4 hours | Vacancies: 20
>> Room 104 – Pav. II

Surgical Patient Safety (exclusive to nursing students)
Coordinator: Marilaine M. de Menezes Ferreira
Hours: 4 hours | Vacancies: 45
>> Room 102 – Pav. II

Medical Semiology: A Continuous Learning
Coordinator: Iêda Maria Barbosa Aleluia
Hours: 4 hours | Vacancies: 40
>> Auditorium II – Pav. III

Basic Life Support - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Coordinator: André Zimmermann
Hours: 4 hours | Vacancies: 30
>> Room S06 – Pav. III

experiencing your body
Coordinator: Simone Cardoso Passos
Hours: 4 hours | Vacancies: 10
>> Room S02 – Pav. III


Friday, September 27

Opening Remarks
Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani

Science and Technology – Biotechnology and Bioprospecting Center at the Bahia Technological Park

Prof. Diego Menezes

Homage to the 10th anniversary of the Angels of Nursing
Prof. Maria Thais Calasans

drawing of air tickets
>> Convention Center of Bahiana – Auditorium I – Pav. III

8h to 17h
Social Responsibility Actions
>> Pav. I, II and III

8h to 18h
Interdisciplinary Monitoring

10h to 17h
Culture, Sport, Crafts and Food
Photography Project with Teenagers: a look at the territory
Prof. Rita Carvalho
>> Green Area

10:15 pm to 13:XNUMX pm
Poster Session
>> Library

12h to 17h
Visit to the stands
>> Courtyard – Pav. III

14h to 18h
Oral communication
>> Pav. III

14h to 18h

Study Designs in Epidemiology
Coordinator: Bruno Gil de Carvalho Lima
Hours: 4 hours | Vacancies: 45
>> Room S04 – Pav. III

Sing and Recite Cordel: Use Your Creativity for Health Education
Coordinator: Artur Dias Lima
Hours: 4 hours | Vacancies: 45
>> Auditorium III – Pav. III

14h to 16h

Adhesive Elastic Bandage
Physiotherapist Diego Ribeiro Rabelo – Advanced Clinic in Physiotherapy (CAFIS)
>> Room S06 (underground) – Pav. III

Libras, Deaf Culture and Inclusion
Facilitator: Álon Mauricio da S. Silva
>> Room 104 – Pav. II


>> Courtyard – Pav. III

PESAB - Education and Health Program with Academics from Bahiana
Prof. José Henrique Dantas Aragão
>> Rooms S01, S02 and S03 (underground) – Pav. III

Biomedicine – Overcoming barriers and breaking the boundaries of the human body and science
Prof. Sidney Carlos de Jesus Santana


hearts of Bahiana – Prof. Responsible: Andre Zimmermann;
Prevention of accidents and child violence – Prof. Responsible: Dilton Rodrigues Mendonça
Love and Sex (women's health) – Responsible Professor: Milena Bastos Brito

Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy is also prevention!
Prof. Ana Luiza Oliveira de Barros

Dentistry – Do you know how to fill in the Lattes Curriculum? – PET-Odonto teaches...

Prof. Alena Ribeiro Alves Peixoto Medrado

Psychology - The various practices of Psychology

Profes. Ana Aparecida Braga, Aline Campos, Eliana Edington and Suzane Bandeira

Graduate of Bahiana – Ask questions about filling out the Lattes Platform (CNPq)
Prof. Kátia Nunes Sá

sport of Bahiana
Profs. Cloud Kennedy, Mário Tenório and LAMEESP

CEDETE – Educational Technologies Development Center
Prof. Antonio Carlos Costa

Social Responsibility Actions

Children | Engomadeira Municipal School – Cabula/Beiru

Morning – 20 participants

8.30 p.m
enchanted morning

Prof. Ana Aparecida Braga – Psychology
>> Room 102 – Pav. II


10.30 p.m
Prof. Antônio Pitta - Dentistry
ADAB - Dental Health Unit

The fantastic journey of food through the human body

Prof. Suzana Vasconcelos – Medicine
>> Biomorphofunctional Laboratory – Pav. II

Teenagers | Governor Roberto Santos State College

Morning - 40 participants

Opening Remarks

>> Auditorium I – Pav. III

stay and date

Candeal Program
Profes. Claudia de Carvalho Santana and Maria Thais Calazans
>> Room 106 – Pav. II

Dialogue about sexually transmitted diseases

LAIA – Academic League of Applied Infectology
>> Room 107 – Pav. II

Afternoon - 50 participants

What the eyes don't see the microscope shows us

Profs. Léa Maria Lopes Ferreira and Sidney Carlos de Jesus Santana Biomedicina
>> Chemical, Physical and Biological Science Laboratory – Pav. II

Visit to stands and oral communication rooms

Teenagers | Cultural and Religious Charitable Association

Afternoon – 15 participants

Visit to stands and oral communication rooms

Adults | Academic community

Morning – 27 participants

10am to 11:30pm
wall painting workshop
Marcos Conceição Santos – Maintenance and Remodeling Sector (SEMAR)

electrical workshop
Jerbson Manoel dos Santos – Maintenance and Refurbishment Sector (SEMAR)
>> Courtyard – Pav. III

Afternoon – 40 participants

14h to 16h
adult health care
Prof. Olivia Souza C. Almeida
>> Room 102 - Pav. II

Organizing committee
Ana Cristina Barbedo
Ana Paula Monteiro
Carolina Pedroza de Carvalho Garcia
Cristiane Silva Santana
Fabiana Alves Perin
Fernanda Drummond Ruas Gaspar
Gladys Lucia Assunção Pitanga
José Maurício Rodrigues Pires
Jozélia de Abreu Testagossa
Jucinara Inácio Menezes
Lígia Marques Vilas Boas
Luiza de Oliveira Kruschewsky Ribeiro
Luzenita Marques Landeiro
Maria Angelica Godinho Mendes de Abreu
Maria Candida Tavares
Maria Regina Nascimento Carvalho
Patricia Lisbon Viana da Silva
Selena Dubois Mendes
Sylvia Maria Barretto da Silva
Angeli Ferraz Wagner

scientific commission
Cintia Pinheiro Silveira Araújo (Physiotherapy)
Flávia Carolina Gonçalves Azevedo (Dentistry)
Lucíola Crisostomo Lopes (Medicine)
Marilda Castelar (Psychology)
Kátia Nunes Sá (Postgraduate)
Sandra Dultra Cabral Portela (Nursing)
Sidney Carlos de Jesus Santana (Biomedicine)
Suely Colombo Nelli Gomes (Dentistry)

Course Coordination

Ana Joaquina Mariani Passos (Occupational Therapy)
Geraldo Argolo Ferraro (Biomedicine)
Maria de Lourdes de Freitas Gomes (Nursing)
Eliana de Paula Santos (Medicine)
Mônica Ramos Daltro (Psychology)
Luciana Bilitário (Physiotherapy)
Urbino da Rocha Tunes (Dentistry)

executive Secretary

Ana Lúcia Souza Brito Gama
NAPP - Psychopedagogical Care Center

Prof. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani
Director of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública
Foundation General Coordinator Bahiana for Science Development

Prof. Enio Ribeiro Maynard Barreto
Deputy Director of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública

Prof. Gaspare Saraceno
Graduation Coordinator

Emanoel Olimpio Alves de Souza
Administration and Finance Coordinator

Prof. Kátia Nunes Sá
Postgraduate, Research and Extension Coordinator

Prof. Luiza de Oliveira Kruschewsky Ribeiro
People Development Coordinator

Maria Angelica Godinho Mendes de Abreu
Technical Manager of the Psychopedagogical Care Center - NAPP

Produced by:

Hospital Santa Isabel


Department of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension

Brotas Academic Unit  
Av. D. João VI, 275 - Brotas
Phone: 71. 3276-8265

Cabula Academic Unit
Av. Silveira Martins, 3386 - Cabula
Phone: 71. 3257-8206