Number of JOBA participants exceeds expectations

In its 12th edition, the Dental Journey of Bahiana receives more than 600 participants.


A grid composed of short courses, lectures, workshops, Hands-on, symposia, in addition to the 1st Endodontics Meeting of Bahiana and the 2nd Meeting of Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology of the Bahiana was what attracted more than 600 participants to the 12th Dental Journey of Bahiana, which took place on May 9th and 10th, at the Cabula Academic Unit. According to the coordinator of this edition, Prof. Atson Fernandes, in addition to the students of the Dentistry course at Bahiana, the event was attended by students and professionals from institutions such as UFBA, UEFS and Unime.

The first day of activities ended with a ceremony to welcome the participants, which included a chairperson, with the coordinator of the Dentistry course at Bahiana, Prof. Urbino Tunis; the coordinator of the 1st Endodontics Meeting of the Bahiana, Prof. Ronaldo de Souza; the coordinator of the 2nd Meeting of Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology of the Bahiana, Prof. Fernando Bastos Jr.; the President of the Brazilian Dental Association - Bahia Section, Dr. Antistenes Albernaz and the representative of the student body, student Tiago Azevedo.

"We had the adhesion of many partners to carry out this event, which is the result and recognition of the seriousness of JOBA", declared Prof. Atson, thanking the monitoring professors and the more than 30 undergraduate students involved in the organization for their efforts.

"The 1st Endodontics Meeting of Bahiana it is a source of great joy and honor for us and our way of thanking us is doing good activities with professors from other institutions who bring new ways of thinking here," said Prof. Ronaldo de Souza.

According to Prof. Urbino Tunes, the initial objective of JOBA, when it was conceived 12 years ago, was to be an activity that involved students, bringing them closer to teachers. "Today, in its adolescence, JOBA already has the maturity of a professional event with a vast and interesting scientific grid". He ended with a message to students: "It is not enough to acquire knowledge. It is necessary to acquire attitude, that is, to put your knowledge into actions aimed at benefiting other people. And here we are doing this by sharing knowledge", he added.

Joba Community
As in all editions, the 12th JOBA promoted an education and health action aimed at children from 5 to 12 years old at Colégio Estadual Roberto Santos. The activities were coordinated by the Bahia Academic League of Education in Oral Health (LABESB). According to the president of LABESB, student Felipe Moraes, this year the League had the participation of more than 20 volunteers, students from the Dentistry course, who helped in carrying out supervised brushing activities, education and promotion of oral health. "We also carry out these activities in communities in the interior of the state with the support of the Bahiana which gives us the dental trailer and under the supervision of Prof. Antônio Pita," declared Felipe.


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