Bahiana encourages the growth of teachers

PROIDD conducts courses and workshops for teachers at Bahiana.


Bahianathrough the Institutional Teacher Development Program (PROIDD), is making free extension activities available to its teachers. Joining efforts, the course coordinators also participate in the actions. 

Within the initiative, the workshop has already been held "Management of Pedagogical Groups", given by the coordinator of the Psychology course, Mônica Daltro and by professor Ubton Nascimento, in October and with the presence of professors from different courses, enabling a rich moment of learning and exchange of experiences. Also in October, the coordinator of the Medicine course, Dr. Marta Menezes, guided the training of teachers for the construction of the test. OSCE.

Continuing the improvement of teachers at the Bahiana, the second workshop will be held "Nice to meet you, I'm ABP" which consists of two sequential meetings that will take place on the 10th and 24th of November. The workshop will be taught by professors Jorge Clarencio Souza Andrade and Cláudia de Carvalho Santana and aims to present basic fundamentals about problem-based learning-PBL, as well as providing a practical experience of the method.

Opening Hours
8:12 am to 13:30 pm and 17:30 pm to 107:XNUMX pm, at the Cabula Academic Unit, Room XNUMX, Pavilion III.

First Meeting Program - November 10, 2012
1. Historical context of the ABP methodology.
2. Understanding the seven steps of PBL.
3. How to elaborate a problem: definition of contents, purposes and applicability.
4. Practical activity.

Second Meeting Program - November 24, 2012
1. The role of the tutor and meaningful learning.
2. The evaluation process.
3. Reflections on teaching team work.
4. Practical Activity.

The third workshop, "Pedagogical Planning" will take place on December 1st and will be taught by teachers Gidélia Alencar e Silva and Ligia Marques Vilas Boas. This workshop aims to present basic fundamentals about pedagogical planning from theoretical and practical activities where the teacher can prepare a teaching plan, considering the relationship between assessment, methodology and conceptual, procedural and attitudinal contents.

Opening Hours
8:12 am to 13:30 pm and 17:30 pm to 107:XNUMX pm, at the Cabula Academic Unit, Room XNUMX, Pavilion III.

“Planning is an eminently human action whose function is to anticipate and organize action. In the field of formal education, it is related to the concept of education defended in the institution's Political-Pedagogical Project and works as a document and instrument to be used by teachers and students. We can define it as a guideline, which can and should be modified or complemented based on the needs that arise during the process”. (VILAS BÔAS, Lígia - 2011).

Number of vacancies per workshop: 20 vacancies.


Information and registration
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Cabula Academic Unit
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