Social responsibility actions are discussed at a leaders' meeting

_x005F_x005F_x000D_ Candeal Project is expanded and now also serves the community of Loteamento Amazonas


In a multidisciplinary initiative, the Bahiana, through the Candeal Program, starts to serve, from this month, the community of Loteamento Amazonas, in the neighborhood of Cabula. Details of the actions were discussed during the first meeting of leaders that took place on February 24, at the Cabula Academic Unit, with the participation of community representatives, teachers and students from all courses at the School, as well as representatives from Embasa and from Salvador City Hall, partners in the Program.

During the meeting, community leaders were able to present their main demands for students and teachers to articulate, in the best way, an action strategy. Among the main problems presented by community leaders are oral health and sanitation. "We are wanting the Bahiana come to our community to help us and also so that students, in the future, can be good professionals”, declared addirector of the residents' association, Margarete Pereira Lima.

As in the Candeal community - Sanitary District of Brotas, the Program should serve the community of the Amazonas Subdivision with environmental and health education actions, with a focus on oral health.

“The most important thing about this work is the social benefit. We want to benefit the community. For the students, this is not a community health discipline, it is an activity that has an inestimable human value, greater than the technical value", says the Program coordinator and Psychology professor at Bahiana, Marie Antoinette Araújo. “Here we listen to each other, we listen ourselves and that's what we learn in this work”, he comments.

The meeting was attended by the professors of the Biomedicine course Noilton Jorge Dias, Léa Maria Ferreira and Marco Túlio Brasileiro, the technicians from Embasa Aildes Cruz and Patrícia Santana and the representative of the city hall Ernandes Lira. On March 10th, the first visit of students and Program partners to the community will take place.