XVII Occupational Therapy Week of Bahiana

III Meeting of Graduates from TO of Bahiana


The 2010 edition of Occupational Therapy Week e of the Alumni Meeting of TO of Bahiana invites all health professionals to an encounter with knowledge. The event will discuss the advances and current challenges of Occupational Therapy, addressing Integrated Care for Children and Adolescents and the importance of multidisciplinary integration in health. 

Apply from October 13th to 26th at the Academic Offices of Bahiana.

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Theme - Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents.

Produced by:
26th and 27th of October - Brotas Academic Unit.

Professionals, students and graduates of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedicine and other related areas.

Discuss technical-scientific advances, challenges and professional perspectives in Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents.



08:00AM at 12:00PM
Workshop 1 - Sensory Integration Therapy: Principles and Practice (Ana Marta Vieira Ponte Mello - Occupational Therapist).

13:30AM at 17:30PM
Workshop 2 - Humanized Care to Low Birth Weight Newborns: Kangaroo Method (Carina Marques Vieira – Occupational Therapist).

18:30AM at 20:30PM
III Meeting of Graduates – cocktail in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the 2000 class.

08: 30h
Opening Remarks

08: 40h
Lecture: Attention to Maternal and Child Health in the Family Health Program (Psf): Limits and Possibilities for the Prevention of Childhood Disabilities.

09: 00h
Roundtable: Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities: reports of APAE Salvador practices.

10: 15h

10: 30h
Roundtable: Interdisciplinary Attention to Children and Adolescents at IBR.

11: 10h
Panel: Exploration of Child and Youth Labor on Stage.

11: 50h
Roundtable: Child and Adolescent Health Care at Hospital Geral Roberto Santos.

12: 30h
Lunch break.

14: 00h
Roundtable: Interdisciplinary Care for Children and Adolescents with Cancer.

15: 30h
Round Table: Candeal Program: experience report with groups of adolescents in the community.

16: 30h

16: 45h
Lecture: The Burned Child and Occupational Therapy: An Integral and Playful Relationship".

17: 00h
Roundtable: Looking at Children and Adolescents in Primary Care: experience reports.

17: 45h
Roundtable: Benefits of Interdisciplinary Assistance in Child and Adolescent Care.


Registration for the Event - R$5,00.
Workshops – R$25,00 Students | BRL 30,00 Professionals

organizing committee
Prof. Andrea Garboggini
Prof. Francesca Magalhães

Department of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension

Brotas Academic Unit 
Av. D. João VI, 275 - Brotas
Phone: 71. 3276-8265

Cabula Academic Unit
Av. Silveira Martins, 3386 - Cabula
Phone: 71. 3257-8206