Rehabilitation of Body Balance in Vestibular Disorders

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In a pioneering proposal, the Bahiana will host the 1st Multidisciplinary Course of Vestibular Rehabilitation in Salvador, coordinated by physiotherapist and teacher Adriana Campos. Vestibular Rehabilitation is a safe, innocuous method, which serves as an adjunct and, in some cases, as the main treatment for certain vestibular disorders, ensuring patients improve their dizziness and imbalance, thus having a positive impact on their quality of life.

Dizziness is one of the symptoms most commonly found in the general population, representing the second cause of seeking medical care, and brings physical, functional and emotional impacts to patients. Vestibular Rehabilitation was developed in England, in the 40s, from the partnership of an otolaryngologist and a physiotherapist (Cawtohorn), who created an exercise program for patients who suffered from diseases or injuries in the vestibular system. In these 70 years, Vestibular Rehabilitation has evolved a lot and has brought relief to countless people who suffer from dizziness and imbalance.

Thus, it is essential that health professionals know the various pathological conditions that affect the vestibular system and the ways of acting in the etiological and rehabilitative treatment, in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective.

This course aims to arouse the interest of students and professionals in the areas of physiotherapy and speech therapy for the care of vestibular patients and discuss the interdisciplinary action in these cases.

Professionals in the areas of physiotherapy and speech therapy and students in these areas, from the 6th semester onwards

Adriana Campos Sasaki

24 hours

Days of the week and timetables for the course
Thursday (14pm to 18pm)
Friday (08am to 18pm)
Saturday (08am to 18pm)

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BRL 550 or 2x BRL 300,00

Application period
Until October 15, 2010 – Department of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension

course period

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Place of realization
Brotas Academic Unit

Anatomophysiology of the vestibular system
Neurophysiology and biomechanics of balance
Main Vestibular Diseases - clinical approach and indications for Vestibular Rehabilitation
Otoneurological, speech therapy and physiotherapeutic assessment
Posturographic evaluation
VR protocols
Functional capacity, fall prevention and balance protocol for the elderly
VR in neurological patients
VR in children
VR through Aquatic Physiotherapy
Vestibular replacement by electrotactile stimulation
VR by Virtual Reality Systems
VR using video games
Discussion of clinical cases

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