Portal Bahiana Journals completes seven years of disseminating knowledge internationally

Scientific journals have exclusively academic sponsorship, with free access and no submission or publication fees.


Launched on May 25, 2017, the Portal Bahiana Journals was born with the aim of promoting broad debate and the construction of systematic knowledge on topics inherent to the area of ​​health sciences. The contents of six magazines are available for free download, in the Diamond Open Access modality, with no submission or publication fees of any nature being charged. “Access to knowledge is a universal right, and we contribute to the motto of 'Open Science' at the highest level (Diamond). Articles are carefully evaluated at various levels to ensure that the information we publish follows the international criteria of recommendations for scientific publishers and ensure that the knowledge disseminated through the portal is reliable and helps in the advancement of world science”, explains the manager of the Communication Center Scientific (NUCC), professor Dr. Kátia Sá.

According to Sá, the scientific journals of the Bahiana Journals have achieved greater visibility in the international community over time. “When we look at the global scenario that does not respond to Capes, we see that the visibility of our scientific journals is growing little by little, organically, which can be evidenced by the search for authors from many different countries. Especially countries in Latin America, Africa, Portugal, India and the Middle East have many authors publishing with us.” She justifies this rise as a result of the diamond publication standard and the portal's growing visibility. “Furthermore, this shows us how we contribute to the emerging BRICS countries, helping to boost global science without the lucrative interference of large global publishers”, he points out. Other points highlighted by the NUCC manager are the maintenance of international standards of ethical recommendations, good research practices and scientific integrity. “Our portal is transparent in all processes and practices strict evaluation criteria”, highlights Kátia Sá.

By accessing the portal, the researcher will be able to read and download articles from journals Brain Imaging and Stimulation, whose editors are Abrahão Baptista (UFABC), Adriana Leico Oda (UFSP), Elisabete Carrara de Angelis (ACCamargo Cancer Center) and Kátia Sá (Bahiana); Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare, whose editors are prof. Luís Cláudio Correia, Ana Marice Ladeia and João Segundo (Bahiana); Enfermagem Contemporânea Journals, whose editors are professors of Bahiana Cátia Palmeira and Tássia Macedo; International Journal of Education and Health, whose editors are teachers of Bahiana Ana Cláudia Carneiro and Iêda Aleluia; Journal of Research in Physiotherapy, with an editorship led by professors Ana Lúcia Góes (UFBA), Cristiane Dias (Bahiana) and Marina Makhoul (Bahiana) and by professor Bruno Goes (Bahiana), and the Revista Psicologia, Diversidade e Saúde, whose editors are professors Marilda Castelar (Bahiana), Martha Castro (UFBA) and Mônica Daltro (Bahiana). O Bahiana Journals has journals indexed in DOAJ, EBSCO, LILACS and Scopus.


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